Boise State Should Give Damon Evans A Call

Boise State just parted ways with their long time Athletic Director.  Andrea Adleson took down some of Chris Petersen’s comments about the deicsion.  Look carefully at what Adleson said were some of Boise State’s challenges in the future:

The program is vastly different today from the one Bleymaier took over 29 years ago, and now the need for top-of-the-line facilities has been highlighted.

In fact, getting a new football facility has been high on the agenda for Petersen. Construction on that facility has yet to get underway, and the school still needs to raise millions of dollars to completely fund all the projects it wants to complete. Whoever the new athletic director is will need to have not only a good relationship with Petersen, but a firm business background with plenty of experience trying to raise money.

First, this shows that no man is above the program.  Like Michael Corleone told Fredo in regards to Moe Green, don’t speak out against the family.  The Family comes first.  In college football, the program comes first.  No man is bigger than any program, nowadays anyway. 

But here is my point:  say what you will about Damon Evans.  But the man built some great facilities and raised a ton of money.  I think Greg McGarity will be a better AD, but take away Damon’s personal demons, he still did a fine job in some areas.  He may not have given Ricth the support he needed on a personal level, but he was shrewd businessman.  If I were a Boise State higher up, I may not give Damon the keys to the castle, but I’d give him a call to look into bringing him in to some type of roll.



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