For Informational Use Only

We here at The Grit Tree enjoy keeping an eye on, and picking against, the point spreads.  Some us-Corbindawg, Kensingtondawg, Granite, Barndawg and Lugnut-are better at it than others-Ucheedawg. 

However, we don’t condone gambling  (wink, wink, or for the IM folks out there- ; )  ) but rather to look at point spreads as an indicator to see how the nuetral experts in Vegas feel about your team.  It is like Jeff Dantzler says on the radio, those big casinos didn’t build themselves. 

If you are going to be a wise guy, the experts say the smart money is on Georgia.    Here is an article in the Wall Street Journal about sports betting, and the excerpt about the Dawgs:

Two schools that the bettors have been picking on: Georgia and Michigan, but for different reasons.

The sharps say Georgia is underrated—likely because the Bulldogs are coming off of an ugly 6-7 season. They were initially a six-point underdog in their season-opening clash against Boise State, but that’s fallen all the way to 2-1/2.

Likewise, heavy betting on the Bulldogs has caused Georgia to go from a three-point underdog against Florida to a one-point favorite, and from a 4-1/2-point favorite against defending national-champion Auburn to nine.

“When I saw the original lines, I said, oh, those are probably a little too far away for Georgia,” said Phil Steele, who publishes an annual, statistic-laden college-football preview that’s popular among bettors. “I have Georgia winning the SEC East.”



1 Response to “For Informational Use Only”

  1. 1 Granite August 4, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Just be careful betting on UGA every week even if it seems like a good idea. Chris Brame said it best yesterday when he reminded everyone that 2002 was the only year Mark Richt has loss less that two SEC games in a season and right now this isn’t the 2002 team.

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