Taking The ESPN Page 2 Survey

Seth Emerson linked to a survey and thier answers that each SEC coach did.  It was prettty good stuff.  I thought, I’ll do it too.

Which SEC stadium has the most hostile environment?

I have been to 8/12 SEC stadiums, the Cocktail Party, and Georgia Tech.  I have seen Georgia play in the Georgia Dome to see the Bulldogs 3 times-2005 SEC Championship Game, 2006 Sugar Bowl, 2006 CFA Bowl. 

The stadiums I have not been to are:  Mississippi State, Arkansas, Florida and Kentucky.  I would like to go to The Swamp one weekend when Georgia either has a bye or plays a FCS team.   

Now that you have a brief history so have a context for the answer, I would have to say it is Alabama.  Alabama slightly edges out LSU.  LSU was loud, but when I went in 2008, we got up on them from the beginning.  The game was never really in much jeopardy and a lot of fans left-but it was still loud.  I could see where it would be very hostile.  I got called a British term for a cigarette for wearing a sweater vest.  I told a friend who went to LSU, and he said that is what I got for wearing a sweater vest.

But Alabama (2007) was very LOUD. The fans were into it the whole time, and it was very impressive.  Alabama had just beaten Arkansas, and they all thought the Bear magic was back.  They were a season early, but they were right.  I would imagine it is even more hostile and loud now.

What’s your biggest superstition?

I am a very superstitious fan.  Every morning before I head to the tailgate, I stop by the gas station and get a bag of ice (even if I don’t really need it), a gallon jug of water and an Athens Banner-Herald.  In recent years due to a change in tailgate location, I go to the Georgia Center for a cup of coffee.  I always carry a gallon jug of water with me to the stadium, passing it around our friends, and this helps us rehydrate. 

Obviously, you all travel a lot. Do you have a must-stop restaurant that you have to hit if you’re nearby?

As you can see, I we are BBQ fans.  I do have to travel a good bit for my job, and I enjoy trying different BBQ joints along the way.  I have found this to be a good conversation starter. 

Also, when I am heading south, I have found that the McDonalds at the Vienna exit is a good place to get a cup of coffee.

Which cliché is most overused by coaches?

I hate when people says a player has a “high football IQ”

Who’s the best-dressed coach in the conference?

I think Nick Saban is very dapper.

What’s one of your favorite songs, or name your favorite musician.

Anything by REM or Jimmy Buffett.  Favorite REM song is “Gardening at Night” or “Don’t Go Back to Rockville.”  Favorite Buffett song is “Tin Cup Chalice”, “Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season” and “We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About.”

What was your first coaching job and how much did it pay?

I coached 1st and 2nd grade basketball at the Athens YWCO off Research Drive one season while in school.  I had a blast doing that.

It was a volunteer thing, so I didn’t get paid per se.  But we had our end of the year party at Stevi B’s.  The great thing about Stevi B’s is that coaches ate free if your team  had a party.  So the other coach and I were able to eat free that night…and we probably caused Stevi B’s to lose profit that day.  For a couple of broke college kids, a free all you can eat meal was awesome.  The parents also chipped in and got us each a $25 gift card to Bulldog Sporting Goods.  So all in all,  about 32 bucks.

Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Michael Jordan.  For several Christmases in a row, Santa brought me the NBA almanac.  I read that thing cover to cover.  At one point, I could rattle off all sorts of NBA stats to you.  I also saved up one summer and bought a Michael Jordan jersey when I was 10 years old…it was the only jersey I have or will ever own.  I still have it today. 

What’s the strangest thing anyone’s ever said to you in a postgame handshake?

We really didn’t have any post game handshakes at the YWCO, but I did have an off  the court encounter.  One Saturday after a game, I went to get a haircut at University Cuts on Baxter Street.  An older gentleman was getting his hair cut and I was waiting.  He was talking about his daughter coaching youth basketball and just coming from one of her games.  I piped in and mentioned how I was coaching and just did the same.  We got to talking, and we realized his daughter had just coached the team we had just played.  And let me tell you, it is a good thing they didn’t officially keep score because we got smoked.  It was demoralizing.  And I remember his daughter was pretty attractive, but she had a Nick Saban demeanor.  That was definitely a LOST moment. 



3 Responses to “Taking The ESPN Page 2 Survey”

  1. 1 Otto August 1, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Most hostile?

    I was at the Iron Bowl last year and Auburn/LSU in ’09. I have made Knoxville for Auburn/UT ’09 as well as a couple of UGA games in the early 90s.

    LSU and UT were the loudest. Bama was very loud too. LSU was the quickest to get loud, Bama was close but I question if it wasn’t the Iron Bowl with Auburn on the way to the BCS CG would it be as loud and fired up? So my vote goes to Baton Rouge.

    Also Baton Rouge had the nicest fans as well as a minority of younger fans being the rudest for an on campus game. I was in Athens for the last UF/UGA game played there and the UF fans were very nice. Granted us UGA fans did not have much to talk about.

    I was at the WLOCP in ’06 as well as several in the early 90s and it is the most hostile in the seats and parking lot. Yes even more so than the Iron Bowl.

  2. 2 Tuxedodawg August 1, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Are you sure the YWCO isn’t the most hostile? I heard it can get pretty crazy in rec league basketball.

  3. 3 BuyPropertyUcheeDawg! August 1, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Don’t forget who won the pizza eating contest………….

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