Bourn This Way

The Atlanta Braves needed another bat at the trade deadline.  I was getting nervous.  We lost on Carlos Beltran and Hunter Pence.  I was convinced the shrewd move that Frank Wren made to land Dan Uggla was a blip on the radar, and he would resort back to his old ways of making me mad.

As I was about to tee off yesterday morning, I got a text from Twitter obsessed Kensingtondawg (yes, he and Uchee are still alive…somewhere) and it simply said “We got Bourn!”. 

Michael Bourn is probably the best pure center feilder in baseball.  Matt Kemp is an all around great baseball player, but for what you expect a CF to do-steal bases and play good defense-none are better than Bourn.  The Braves were definately winners on the trade deadline Sunday.   What is remarkable is the Braves gave away basically NOTHING to land Bourn.  This was a great job by Frank Wren to drastically improve the ball club without giving anything away.  I was of the  opinion that we could have dealt some of the young arms, but I am glad we didn’t have to.  And this is not like the Mark Teixeira deal-Bourn is not a rental and we didn’t give up top prospects.  When Chipper is back and healthy (a big if), the lineup has the potential to look something like this:

1. Bourn 2. Prado 3. Chipper 4. McCann 5. Uggla 6. Freeman 7. Heyward 8. Gonzo

Even if/when Chipper is not healthy, this is still not too shabby:

1. Bourn 2. Prado 3. Freeman 4. McCann 5. Uggla 6. Heyward 7-8. Hinkse/McClouth/Gonzo

Jordan Schafer was just not the long term answer in center field.  Even if he turns out to be great, Bourn is a high quality MLB player that can make an impact every night TODAY.  We now have speed on the top of the batting order that was missing since Furcal left. 

I had no doubt that the Braves are going to make the playoff, but now I have no doubt that the Braves are going to make some noise come October.



1 Response to “Bourn This Way”

  1. 1 Tuxedodawg August 1, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Bourn is a great lead off man. Schafer is a great center fielder, but he’s so young. Great day for Braves baseball.

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