A Great Opportunity

Last night, I was privileged last night to attend the thrilling Braves-Pirates game.  A close series with the Pirates brought back memories to the early 1990s.  Like Florida fans who hate Lindsay Scott and Buck Belue, I sense that Pirates fans still had Sid Bream.  I saw a Pirates fan wearing a shirt last night that said “Sid Bream Still Sucks”. 

I was even more privileged to sit in the 755 Club.  It was an amazing experience I don’t forsee happening again anytime soon, and I glad I was able to witness a W.   JJ pitched about 114 pitches and played some great defense.  Beside ffrom giving up that solo shot in the 6th, it was near perfect game for the Braves.  The offense continues to struggle, but the crazy thing last night was the Braves got some hits.  They just couldn’t drive anyone home. 

Jason Heyward is ineffective, Chipper is falling apart, and  Brain McCann is probably out 2-3 weeks.   While all the injuries, the Braves are in contention for the NL East and have a pretty strong handle on the NL Wildcard.  I think the Braves should make a move to try and get Hunter Pence, but I even if that is not the case, the Braves are in good shape.  David Ross is more than a capable back up catcher, Dan Uggla has been doing very well the last three weeks, Freddy Freeman continues to impress, and Martin Prado is back in full swing. 

Go Braves!



1 Response to “A Great Opportunity”

  1. 1 wgrahambham August 2, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    very cool you got to sit in the 755……don’t be withholding important info like this from us bro…..i echo your remarks re bourne…..VERY nice pickup by wren……we are ready for the stretch run. wgrahambham

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