A Balk? Seriously? Yes.

I was not watching the Braves game last night.  I have recently discovered Netflix, and have been catching up on last season 24.  I watched the first 3 innings at Wild  Following DOB on Twitter, I knew that Conrad hit a two run bomb to send it to extras.  Then I get a text and all it said was “You have got to be kidding”.  I thought something bad had happened, like we gave up a Grand Slam or an parade of errors brought in a ton of runs.  My natural Braves mentality went to something bad. 

The next text said “Walk off Balk by Mets. Braves Win!”  I couldn’t believe it. 

Here you can see a video of the very rare balk.  Jason Heyward knew it instantly.

Just glad the Braves won…after winning 6 straight, the Braves turned around and lost 3 in a row.  The Braves got Heyward back and are close to getting McLouth back up, but Chipper is hurt again.  Tommy Hanson is missing his scheduled start tonight due to shoulder trouble.  Somehow, the Braves are tied with the Brewers for the 5th best record in all of baseball, and would be leading the AL Central and West and the NL West, and would be tied with the Brewers atop the NL Central.  So there can be some things that are not good (the offense), some things that worry us (the injuries), some things that baffle us (the fact that Fredi has disregarded the trends and statistics and batted Dan Uggla lower in the lineup, the finally moved him to the two hole, where over the course of the weekend he had two homers and batted well.  You move him down after an 0-4 game, where the entire team had a total of two hits.  His reward for turning it around is a demotion in the line up), but the Braves are having a pretty good season.  If we can weather this storm of ineffective batting and injuries, and if all the pieces would just click, the Braves could be the best team in baseball. 



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