SEC vs. ACC Challenge

We are fans of ESPN sports challenges.  ESPN College Pick ‘Em is the creme de la creme, but we enjoy all the ESPN games.  Pick ‘Ems, Bowl Mania and the Bracket Challenge were  staples.  Two years ago we added Fantasy Baseball and the PGA Majors.  The size of the group depends on the sport.  We might have 25 folks in the Pick ‘Em and Bowl groups, 15 or so in the March Maddness bracket, but in the specialty games like golf, we may less than 10.  We take the Pick ‘Ems seriously-a lot of money and, more importantly, pride, is on the line each season.   A year or so has been shaved off my life fretting over the fact I am in a three year losing streak to Ucheedawg.    The other games are just something to help you enjoy golf  or the World Cup a little more (with the excpetion of Uchee, who has no off switch).

Some Clemson friends were invited to our group.   We are made up of mostly UGA fans, but there are a few token Clemson folks.  Anyway, I “replied all”  to the email invite and said I was going to take Russell Henley and Go Dawgs!  The Clemson fan quickly let me know that Clemson had more players on the PGA tour than Georgia.  Leave it to a Clemson person to have their inferiority complex shine through.  So, one thing led to another and a challenge was issued:  The Clemson fan would pick players from Clemson, while I would pick UGA players.  T. Kyle King would be proud of me for continuing the Clemson rivalry!

Well, the Clemson fan was correct.  There are only two players playing in the US Open from UGA-Henley and Bubba Watson.  So I had to supplement my team from other schools in the SEC.  My foursome for the “Best Ball Challenge” consists of two Bulldogs, a Commadore (Brandt Snedeker) and a Bayou Bengal (David Toms).  I can’t break down golf too much, but it will be interesting to see who wins this weekend.   Someone different has won the last several majors, and the absence of Tiger should make a great opportunity for someone else to step up. 

I wasn’t planning on watching much of the US Open this weekend, but now that there is something to pull for, Go SEC!



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