I Don’t Know Where To Begin

This blog, The Grit Tree, is “All things football, All things Southern.”  As you can read in our About section, we started the blog as a way to talk football, yet also talk about things that we love-and since we are all proud Georgians, are Lewis Grizzard fans, love sweet tea, peach ice cream and pulled pork BBQ-we love the South.  I think it is pretty simple and straightforawrd. 

There is a difference in being a good southerner and being a redneck.  I am not a big fan of Jeff Foxworthy.  While Lewis told jokes about his fellow southerners with sunburned necks, and created colorful characters like Bubba n’ Earl, he still held his fellow southerns with a bit of reverence.  I think Foxworthy is just mocking. 

The point of this little rant is I saw this while browsing the AJC this morning.  The Redneck Games.  I am guessing they were modeled after Foxworthy’s song for the 1996 Olympics.  What a joke. 


1 Response to “I Don’t Know Where To Begin”

  1. 1 JC June 8, 2011 at 11:57 am

    The Redneck Games have been around since the summer of ’96 and used to get lots more pub nationally. I remember seeing the RN games featured on the BBC and CBC back then…obviously getting notoriety based on the actual games taking place up I-75 that same summer.

    My wife and I are from Dublin, but luckily I’ve skipped out on the games. My wife, on the other hand, has attended once has some wacky stories from the event…..something about mullets and rebel flag MC Hammer pants.

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