Letter To Dan Uggla

Dear Dan,

How are you?  I just wanted to send you a short note and tell you how excited I was you got traded to Atlanta, and how I was glad Frank Wren locked you into a multi-year deal here.  Note the past tense.

Now, I am not going to abandon you Dan.   We are what, 7 or 8 weeks into a five year deal.  You are the missing link this franchise has desperately needed the last several seasons-a big power bat.  To come into new town where the expectation level is much higher, and to have the burden of producing must be a lot of pressure.  While you have done your part so far this season with 7 home runs, we are going to need a little more from you.  Last week, you had 2 hits.  2.  2.  In case you didn’t know, I thought I would bring that up.

What is so embarrassing is you are batting .185…you are not even batting your weight (according to baseball-reference.com, you weigh 205-you probably know that better than we do, but I am assuming you are in the 200s still).  Please do something to bring your batting average above your weight.  You can achieve that one of two ways.  You can either lay off the Honey Buns, or you can start to get some hits.  I would prefer the hits, but either route you take I’d support you.

You are career .259 hitter.  So we aren’t asking you for all that much.  Just a marginal improvement would be great!



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