He’s Back: The Return of Chris Brame Interview

Last summer, we had a series of interviews with 960 The Ref’s Chris Brame.  Brame co-hosts “The Home Team” weekdays 4-6pm with Jeff Dantzler.  This was our first interview with him in a while, so we kinda of cover the waterfront, hitting on a lot of topics.  If you are not in Athens, do what I do and listen live to the Ref at www.960theref.com

The Grit Tree:  Chris, It has been a while.  We are going to start you off with a high fast ball:  Jay Clark, Dave Perno, Mark Richt.  Which one won’t be coaching at the University of Georgia the first?

Chris Brame: Wow!  A brutal welcome back.  Since you’re throwing one high and tight, I’m going to charge the mound and kind of dodge the question. The gymnastics season has been over for a month and Jay Clark is still the coach, so I would say he’s safe, and should be.  He’s only been on the job for two seasons.  Replacing a legend is never easy, and he was faced with the departures of two.  Suzanne Yoculan and Courtney Kupets, who is one of the most decorated college athletes of all time.  David Perno isn’t going anywhere either.  I know Georgia’s overall record isn’t pretty and it could cost them a chance to play in an NCAA Regional for a second consecutive year.  However, the team has recovered somewhat from last season’s debacle.  They have the fourth best record in the SEC, and only seven teams in the country have been to the College World Series more than Georgia during the Perno era.  This leaves us with Mark Richt.  I do think he is the most vulnerable of the three.  Of course, he has a higher profile job.  I’ve said that I believe anything less than reaching the SEC Championship Game will be trouble for him.  The only other three options out of the East won’t be good for a coach who has been at a school for more than a decade.  If Tennessee gets there, it will be with a second year coach whose last name just happens to be DOOLEY.  If Florida goes, it’s with a rookie head coach.  If South Carolina makes it for a second year in a row, then you can say the Gamecocks under Spurrier have passed Georgia.  That’s embarrassing.  Georgia’s schedule this season includes the four worst teams in the SEC from a year ago….Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Those four teams combined to win 7 conference games, and only one of those wins came at the expense of a team outside of the other three (Kentucky’s win over South Carolina). 

TGT: Put on your GM hat.   It appears that Prado is going to start spending a considerable time at third base now that Chipper’s annual body break down is beginning.  The Braves have an abundance of young, good pitching.  Obviously, Tommy Hanson is “untouchable”.  What pitchers do you think the Braves should consider dealing for more help in the outfield? 

CB: Teheran and Hanson are the untouchables.  Mike Minor and Rodrigo Lopez would be two I’d be willing to talk about.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Atlanta dangled Derek Lowe out there, too.  He’s having a good season, but his age and contract, might make him expendable.  Plus, the fact that he’s pitching well, gives the team a chance to sell high.  It would also make the the streets of Atlanta safer.

TGT: Biggest shock:  The Hawks made it to the East Semi-finals or the Lakers only made it to the West Semis?

CB: For me it’s the Lakers.  Not to beat my chest, but I was one of the few who actually thought Atlanta had a shot against the Magic.  They won 3 of 4 against them during the regular season.  To give you a glimpse into my corrupt side, I did cash a nice future wager on the Hawks to win that series. 

TGT: We asked this the other day on the blog-what was a bigger disappointment and waste of talent:  Will Farrell on the The Office or the 2008 UGA Football season?

CB: Will Ferrell on The Office.  I don’t think I laughed once during his entire run.  As far as 2008 Georgia goes, I know that offense had three first round picks, plus a second rounder in MoMass, but where is all this talent people keep thinking is on defense?  Georgia hasn’t had a defender taken higher than the third round of the draft since 2006.  There hasn’t been a first rounder since 2005.  In the first five seasons of the Richt era the Dogs had 7 defenders takend in the first two rounds.  The last time Georgia signed a defensive player that went in round one was Coach Richt’s first class of 2001.  Tim Jennings, the school’s last second rounder signed in 2002.  In the last five years Georgia’s scoring defense versus the SEC has been 21.0, 21.4, 26.8, 31.5, and 25.0.

TGT: Two part question: 1.  Don’t you think that Jim Tressel is being punished enough by having to live in Columbus?  and 2:  Jim Tressel wears the glasses that turn to sunglasses when he gets outside.  Should we be surprised he is sketchy? 

CB: Well, the only thing I know about Columbus, Oh is I wouldn’t want to live there.  As far as his shady character goes, he had me at the sweatervest.

2 Responses to “He’s Back: The Return of Chris Brame Interview”

  1. 2 Luke Goddard May 23, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Hey Chris Brame–

    The Braves aren’t trading Mike Minor. They would never trade our lefty.

    Hanson is not necessarily an untouchable. We wouldn’t get hardly anything in return for Rodrigo Lopez, no matter how well he’s doing. The Braves have already shut the door to trading Lowe at the deadline– if that’s when you thought it may happen.

    That’s all.

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