Butts-Mehre Tour

I’m starting a new job this summer on UGA campus and I’ve decided to do a few things between now and my start date in June.  When I saw a meeting located at the  Butts-Mehre building, I was pretty sure that was one thing I shouldn’t miss. After our large group meeting, the athletic association folks took us on a tour of the new training facilities.

First impressions, its everything that the reports say. I’m not an expert on how training facilities should look, but it the things they can use this new facility for blew my mind.

I’m not exactly sure if they wanted us to take pictures, but as soon as I saw someone else in my group snapping a few…I got trigger happy. I’m sure all of you have seen pictures online already, but below are a few shots I took from my phone.

Wall decoration in large video room

Quick Weight Room Shot

As other folks have mentioned, the graphics and promotional materials on the wall are something that really stands out.

New TVs are everywhere too…Here’s a few with highlights of current NFL players running on loop and a countdown that loops every few minutes between Boise and SC games
1. The Hurdle

2. The Countdown

Graphics of former players are on every wall.  Each position group has their own meeting room, and each group has their own graphics of former players. More motivation for Crowell:

They have a wall dedicated to former players in the NFL. The picture below has a list of each UGA football alumn that played in the NFL….by NFL team. Forgot to count because we went through pretty fast, but I’m pretty sure every NFL team is on there:

We also went through the locker room pretty quick, but I took some shots of the new guys:

And last but not least…the indoor facility. The site of the infamous “Crowell” incident where he filled in the empty tailback spot.

All in all, I think we really have something to recruit and show off the program. Hope it translates to the field this fall.


1 Response to “Butts-Mehre Tour”

  1. 1 Pumpdawg May 10, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Got to go thru there on G-Day.It’ a lot bigger and better than it was.Very nice,top of the line facility.Probably the best recruiting tool UGA has.

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