Coach Richt Channeling His Inner Ole Ball Coach

One thing  you have to love about Coach Spurrier, he always lets you know what is on his mind. 

 He is an ass, knows it, and enjoys it. 

Some of the best comments that Spurrier has had recently are aimed to his often maligned quarterback, Stephen Garcia.  My favorite, and I can’t find the exact quote, had to do with some quarterbacks work hard in the summer and some drink beer.  Great stuff. 

Normally, Mark Richt is very stoic.  I went to the Bulldog Club meeting last year in Macon, and am going tonight, to hear Coaches Richt and Fox speak.  Coach Richt was boring.  I love him, want him to be the coach here forever, but he was boring.  He doesn’t give zingers or one liners like Spurrier.  In a lot of ways, that is a good thing.  But in some ways, you get tired of the “dadgum, gee golly willickers” all the time.

But for a coach who could probably write for Lassie to get out of character and send candid, brutally honest barbs to himself and Washaun Ealey tell me a few things:

1.  Washaun Ealey is really pissing Coach Richt off.

2.  The last few seasons have pissed Coach Richt off.

3.  Coach Richt knows the fans are pissed off,  is no longer giving them “coachspeak”, but rather telling it like it is.   

4.  I am more and more convinced Ealey has played his last (signifigant) down at the University of Georgia.

5.  If this public shame doesn’t motivate Ealey (and the rest of the team), there is nothing else that can.  



2 Responses to “Coach Richt Channeling His Inner Ole Ball Coach”

  1. 1 Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog April 28, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Here’s hoping Coach Grantham is channeling a little Erk Russell!

    (I think he’s up to it, too.)

  2. 2 dawgfan17 April 28, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Next year will be a tough year to recruit a top TB for UGA if Crowell has a great freshman year. One thing that can counter that is that King will be graduated and the possibility of Ealey either transferring or being kicked off the team. If he does not straighten up and start contributing to something other than the teams arrest record it would not shock me for either of these to happen. That would leave an open spot for someone to come in and be the 2 in a 1-2 punch with Crowell(that is if Malcome doesn’t provide that this year).

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