Charlie Sheen and Georgia Tech Fraternities

Charlie Sheen wasn’t winning with some Georgia fans last night while at the Fox.  Anyone who wears bowling shirts, long cargo shorts, socks with loafers and can only seem to get strippers and porn stars to like them would fit in perfectly with Georgia Tech fraternity brothers. 

A quick story about a Georgia Tech fraternity. Prior to the 2007 Tech game, my wife and I met up with famous commentor Buypropertyucheedawg and his older brother.  His brother bucked the family tradition and went to Tech; he wanted to be an architect so I couldn’t blame him.  He falls into the 1% of “normal” Tech people.  Anyway, he wanted to stop by his fraternity house.  I can’t remember which frat it was, but it doesn’t matter.  BPUD said his brother was the president of the fraternity and the one of the few normal ones. 

We hung out outside for a few minutes while elder BPUD was inside saying hey.  One Techie came out and started talking crap to me about how we never beat Florida, and how we were going to get whipped.  Now, keep in mind this was 2007 and Georgia was  rolling.  We had just beat the crap out of Florida and Auburn.  No one in the country was going to beat us at that point.  But this Techie was delusional. 

After a few minutes of crap talk, BPUD’s brother came out and heard the banter.  He told the guy flat out he was wrong, that there was no way Tech would beat Georgia that day, and that Florida is terrible and “we should always pull for Georgia against Florida.”

The only sensible one.



1 Response to “Charlie Sheen and Georgia Tech Fraternities”

  1. 1 Tuxedodawg April 22, 2011 at 9:30 am

    What happens when Tech fans take Viagra? They get taller.

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