Closing the Book on the 2011 Masters

Sunday at Augusta proved once again that you can simply never tell what’s going to happen at the Masters. Further, the tournament, as they say, doesn’t start until the back 9 at Augusta.

A few thoughts….

–        I couldn’t have been more wrong in my prediction early Sunday. I stated that it was Rory’s to lose and that one of 3 names would have to get white hot to catch him. Well what do you know…Tiger made his early surge and by the time everyone was on the back 9 there was a field of 10 or so golfers in the hunt. At least I was somewhat correct in saying that Choi or Scott could be in it; they were very much in contention all day on Sunday.

–        I can’t say enough about Tiger. He gave the game of golf exactly what it needed on Sunday. I came unglued when he made his eagle and continued to be amazed as he torched the front 9. I only wish he had held serve on the back 9. But my did he put on a clinic that front 9. I said all year long leading up that Tiger would factor in to The Masters tournament, and did he ever.

–        I did not see young Schwartzel birdieing the final four holes to go on and win. He deserved it, was a gracious winner, and I am very proud of him.

–        Phil disappointed me. All week. But it’s still fun to watch him play golf, and it was fun to watch him slip the Green Jacket on Schwartzel in Butler Cabin.

–        Back to Tiger…did you see the 3 wood he hit? Wow!

–        Rory McIlroy, poor kid, just had a rough day. But the talking heads of the media world need to lay off. The kid is 21 years old. 21! He will get his one day, and I’ll be pulling for him. He’s a great kid and an even greater golfer. This implosion WILL NOT affect his game negatively. He’s too young for that to happen. The sky is the limit for Rory. He won’t ever be a Tiger Woods, but I predict he will win at least 4 majors in his career.

–        Sunday at Augusta was exactly what it should have been. An absolutely perfect day for golf, coupled with drama you can only find at Augusta National.

–        Adam Scott and Jason Day both played like they deserved to win down the stretch. Jason Day played 18 like a Masters Champion, and Scott was just incredible.

–        I say it every year, but this Masters was one of the best I’ve ever watched. Can’t wait for 2012.

–        One more thought; I thought it was neat with the Japanese amaeteur at the end in Butler Cabin. Golf is truly an international sport today and will only become more so.

Congrats again to the 26 year old Charl Schwartzel for winning The Masters and to Chairman Payne for running another wonderful event. What a tournament! Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.


2 Responses to “Closing the Book on the 2011 Masters”

  1. 1 wisedawg April 11, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    I was silently pulling for Jason Day. He’s a likeable guy. He might not have won the Master’s but he sure has a good looking wife (not so much for Schwartzel)…

  2. 2 Corbindawg April 12, 2011 at 8:09 am

    Schwartzel’s wife ain’t bad looking. Compared to Mrs. Day, no, but independently, yes.

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