BBQ Thursday: Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ

Had to go to Blue Ridge last week, where I got to tour a trout farm, so it was quite a haul up there.  But the sun was shining, there was a Jimmy Buffett concert replay on XM 55, and I made my mind up early in the morning I was going to eat some ‘cue for lunch.  Life was good.

I decided to try Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ, right off downtown Blue Ridge (note:  if you are ever indowntown Blue Ridge, there is a used bookstore that has some neat books.  I was there last winter and bought Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself for under $20.  They had a bunch of other Lewis Grizzard books.) 

The building seemed to be a relatively newer place, and like every other tourist town in North Georgia, the place was a log cabin.  The inside was decorated with old signs, but not authentic old signs; the old signs you buy at the Cracker Barrel.

Just a side note for any travelers:  they are closed Mondays.  There was a good lunch crowd, and the menu had a lot of different choices.

I ordered a BBQ Sandwich combo with a side of Brunswick Stew and a sweet tea.

Very large portion.   It was priced pretty good…all that for around $7.  I had to scrape some of the meat off the sandwich and just eat it out the basket.  That was the only way I could negotiate such a large sandwich. 

The tea was good.  Not too sweet, but just right.

First, the stew.  It had a very strong tomato taste.  Very strong.  Not that it was a bad thing.  The stew was good, just a little different.  Not the best, but I didn’t think it was all that bad.   

Now the big boy sandwich.  Must say, I was disappointed.  The sandwich was quite hard to eat.  The meat had very nice smoky flavor.  Flavor was excellent, but I found the meat to be a little dry.  Seemed like yesterday’s meat. 

Some folks will tell you that real BBQ doesn’t need any sauce.  Well, that is true in some cases, but I do enjoy sauce.  Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ had lots of different sauces to choose from:

Hot (red bottle), Sweet (yellow bottle), Vinegar and Mild (clear bottle).  Like I said, I like sauce, especially when the meat left some to be desired.  Well, the sauce here was not that impressive.  There was no discernible difference between the sweet and hot sauces.  The Vinegar sauce was almost like putting water on the meat.

Perhaps I caught them on a bad day.  Not a totally bad place.  Not as bad Georgia Bob’s.  But it just wasn’t all that good.  On the way home, I passed a sign for a place called the Pink Pig just south of Blue Ridge.  I wish I had eaten there.


2 Responses to “BBQ Thursday: Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ”

  1. 1 202Dawg March 10, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Corbindawg, you ever eaten at White’s Old South BBQ in Hartwell?

    Knock-your-socks-off good…

  2. 2 DH March 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Pink Pig….garlic salad….yummmmm!

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