BBQ Thursday- Old but Sad News

For this edition of BBQ Thursday, I feel it appropriate to pay proper respects to a joint that had become one of my local favorites- Pig in a Pit. Due to unfortunate financial happenings, Pig in a Pit has been closed down. This is quite a shame for many reasons, but most importantly because I frequented this joint on average twice a week.

On February 20, 2011, I was browsing the 13WMAZ website based out of Macon when this article caught my attention. I had literally eaten Pig in a Pit the day before, so this caught like a surprise attack.

Pig in a Pit was not my all-time favorite bbq joint, but because of its location to my office and my constant need for ‘cue, I had grown to love it. I would frequently stop in, read my paper, and eat a sandwich and slaw. Some will argue that it was an upper-tier bbq joint. I won’t put it there, but it was good enough to be right behind the big boys.

I had always said I’d get around to doing a true review of this little joint, but for whatever reason kept putting it off. Today, I’ll give a posthumous review of a joint that I ate as often as anyone in Georgia.

Pig in a Pit- Macon, GA off Bass Road (another location in Milledgevile, GA)

Pig in a Pit was a unique bbq joint. The Macon restaurant is located very near the Bass Pro Shops, in a strip alongside a sub shop, meat place, and dry cleaners turned liquor store. The clientele was always an interesting mix.

These guys really did put out a good product. The meat was always tender, and though I added sauce to my sandwich, it was good pork. They had a good bbq wrap that I often enjoyed, as well as ribs, chicken, and many other menu options. I try to avoid French fries as often as I can, but this place made them with the best. It’s all a distant memory now, but I’ll do my best to give an honest review of my regular.

The sandwich. I really enjoyed a bbq sandwich from Pig in a Pit. The meat was sometimes a tiny bit dry, but a little sauce had you in business. They never skimped on the meat; I always had some leftover to finish my meal. It was a traditional pulled pork, stacked high between two buns. It was good enough for me to skip driving a few miles down the road to Fresh Air several times a month. I often debated what I would rate their pork, and I feel that a 4 out of 5 rating is very fair. They had a few sauces to choose from to add- if memory serves me correct it was mild, hot and vinegar. I always just went with the mild sauce, which was as good a sauce as you could find. Though I’m not sure where they cooked, it seemed as if it was always fresh. I already miss their pulled pork.

The slaw. Pig in a Pit did a great job with their slaw. It was thick and moist, and ranks up there with some of the best I’ve had. It wasn’t a finely chopped slaw like Fresh Air, but was somewhat chunky. It had a really good taste to it and really complimented the sandwich. I give the slaw a 5 of 5.

Other. Instead of rating the stew, I thought I’d rate a few other items that were some of my favorites. One of the things they did very well, which I mentioned, were their French fries. Some folks find a way to mess fries up, and others make a fried potato that really sticks out. These guys did fries right. I can’t put my finger on what it was, exactly, but they were great. I also had their baked beans from time to time, and they were always good. One of my favorites was their bbq wrap. It’s the only wrap I’ve ever had, so I can’t compare it to anything. However, I feel safe in saying that it’s as good a wrap as you could find. They always had a nice mix of desserts, and though I can fight off my sweet tooth, others I’ve dined there with couldn’t. The time or two that I tasted one of their pies I was impressed. The sweet tea was very sweet. No complaints there. I had the ribs once, and they were good. Same goes for the chicken. The service was always outstanding. For as long as I can remember, the same girl always brought the food out. They typically had ESPN or CMT on the televisions and country music on the radio. The atmosphere was not traditional, but it was good. As I mentioned earlier, you had everything from suits to tattered shirts dining in there. Very much a mixing pot of guests, and it was always fun to sit alone and just watch. It’s hard to really describe the overall atmosphere, but it is one that I won’t forget.

Bottom line is this: Pig in a Pit was a very good place to go get some ‘cue. It was good enough for me, a pretty tough critic, to frequent. I hate that they had to shut down; it has really thrown a kink into my plans. Corbin and I would go together at least twice a month to discuss business (or football, fantasy baseball, golf, etc.) I wish all the best to the folks who operated this joint; it was truly a sad day for bbq junkies when they closed down. I just hate that I never gave a proper review while they were still open. If there is a bright side, it means I’m eating more Fresh Air. But that’s not the way I would have had it. Thanks for the great meals and memories Pig in a Pit.


5 Responses to “BBQ Thursday- Old but Sad News”

  1. 1 Marble March 3, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    Pig In A Pit had some good ribs. I also liked the Piggy Sandwich, but with Texas Toast instead of a bun. Their stew was always good.

    Been a while-at least 9 months or so-since I’ve eaten at Pig in a Pit. Too bad it closed-a great place to enjoy some ‘cue. Georgia Bobs could learn a thing or two from PIP (at least in terms of cooking).

    The real shame is that PIP had to close it doors while GA Bob’s is stil open!!!!

  2. 2 ilovegranite March 4, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    BBQ wrap? Seriously Uchee, you’ve lost all credibility. Sharing desert with Corbin was bad enough, but BBQ wrap? C’mon.

  3. 3 dawgfan17 March 4, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    I know how you feel about losing a place like this. Columbus, where I am from, had a place called Gabby’s that was a hole in the wall 24 hour diner that had the best burger I have ever tasted. I went there once a week, sometimes more, since the day I could drive. I had to move away for a few years but everytime I would come home it would be the first place I’d go. Then one day I come home and it was a used car lot. I live back in Columbus now and have yet to find somewhere to take its place.

  4. 4 Robert K. Burnham March 7, 2011 at 8:25 am

    I can’t follow the link, but apparently these boys were not in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. You need to give my man Jake Fincher his due , he has paid his ! Best Pork Chop on the planet .

  1. 1 Pig in a Pit, Macon GA – Marie, Let's Eat! Trackback on July 17, 2016 at 3:27 am

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