A.J. Green Has Passed The Most Important Test

Julio Jones wowed everyone at the NFL Combine this past weekend.  I heard some complaints that A.J. wasn’t the same type of phyiscal specimen that Julio is.  Another notch on the “Van Halanger sucked” belt.

Julio may look better in his pads than A.J.  He is certainly an awesome reciever.  But folks get too wrapped up in 40 times and combine stats.  Julio Jones may have done better with the eyeball test at the NFL Combine, but nobody did better than A.J. Green in the most important test-actual results on the field.

Yes Julio Jones, you may be able to run a sub 4.40 40, you may be able to do a nearly 12′ broad jump. All are impressive, and you will be a Pro Bowl reciever one day-sooner than later.   But A.J. can do things on a football field you can only dream of doing.


1 Response to “A.J. Green Has Passed The Most Important Test”

  1. 1 bart March 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    aj green actually did 18 reps of 225 and julio did 17,all the haggler stuff is over rated.

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