BBQ Thursday- Blind Pig, near Jackson

Blind Pig  BBQ- middle of nowhere, Butts County, GA

The family outside Blind Pig BBQ

Last weekend my family gathered at Jackson Lake to do some early season fishing and spend some quality time together. We could not have been more blessed with the weather or the company in my opinion. On Saturday, after fishing that morning, dad wanted to take me to Blind Pig (he’s a bigger bbq fan than me…check out his blog here). So we loaded up and went. The atmosphere at Blind Pig bbq was really good for a ‘cue joint. It has the look and the feel, which is somewhat rare. I was eager going inside.

Once in, you order at the front counter. They had a good menu selection and are not too bad on price. As always, I got the sandwich, stew and slaw. It did seem to take a little longer than I am used to waiting, but I was informed that it normally takes no time at all to get the food out, so I’ll chalk that up as an exception. They have peanuts on the table here, which I assume would please most folks.

First things first, the sweet tea was very good. Just sweet enough, I couldn’t find a flaw in it. I needed a second glass before I even got started due to their hurting hot bbq sauce. If you like hot you’ll like this. It was HOT! Their traditional hot sauce had heat as well. I liked the regular sauce (I’m a wimp I guess). It was a little sweet, but pretty good.

So, on to the bbq.

The sandwich, in my humble opinion, was good, but not great. Honestly it was just a little on the dry side. Adding some sauce to it made it better. There simply wasn’t anything overwhelming about it though, so it gets a 3.5 out of 5 on my personal point scale. I was expecting a little more from it.

The stew is a different story and was the best part of the meal. It was similar to other stews, but had a very nice consistency and taste. I proudly stand behind my 4.5 rating here.

The slaw was pretty good, but again, wasn’t really special. Like the ‘cue, it gets a 3.5.

I didn’t give much detail on the review here, because basically there wasn’t much to talk about for the normal review. The meal was good, but not great. I had higher expectations, but I wasn’t dissatisfied. I don’t want to sound negative, that’s no my intent at all. It just didn’t rank up there with the top class of bbq joints.

There are a few other items I’d like to highlight. As I mentioned, it was a family affair, so there were multiple portions ordered. Pictured below are the ribs that dad had (he has already had the traditional sandwich, stew and slaw.) According to him, the ribs get a 4 out of 5, ranking only slightly above the sandwich.

My wife is also quite the bbq fan. She actually liked the ‘cue a little more than I, which I can respect. However, she really liked their ‘taters. They were round, just like our friend MADIII cooks them. She eagerly gave them a 5!

This really was a great family outing. The company was great- any time you can get the whole family around a table is a blessing. Make it around some bbq and it’s even better! The service was fine, the food was good, and the atmosphere was outstanding.

Here’s the bottom line: I would go back to Blind Pig with a friend who has never been, but given the choice I’ll travel a few miles down the road and eat Fresh Air.


8 Responses to “BBQ Thursday- Blind Pig, near Jackson”

  1. 1 Pig Picker in Cumming February 24, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    You are right Ucheedawg on all accounts. Best part was spending great time with my favorite people! Always encouraging folks to “fork more pork”.

  2. 2 CarolinaQDawg February 24, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I’ve enjoyed your reviews even though I can’t try these places for myself on the regular, since I live in NC. But I do look forward to stopping into one or three of these joints on my trip to SW Ga this year.

    If you ever find yourself on the main drag between Anderson and Clemson SC, I recommend you swing through the Smokin’ Pig. It’s just south of Pendleton and has some of the best Q you’ll ever eat. They’ll even give you extra brown/bark if you ask. Sauces are really good too. Just keep in mind…it’s only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    Thanks for your hard “work”…been nice reading about the Q back in the homeland.

  3. 3 Reptillicide February 24, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Fresh Air BBQ… mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. 4 Corbindawg February 24, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    “I would go back to Blind Pig with a friend who has never been, but given the choice I’ll travel a few miles down the road and eat Fresh Air.”

    In all fairness, if ANYTHING was down the road from Fresh Air, I would rather drive down the road a few miles and eat the best BBQ in the southeast.

    • 6 July 17, 2011 at 2:38 am

      Sorry, you must have been raised on the ‘Fresh Air’ generation. Well, there’s a new joint in town, and those that know good BBQ know the Blind Pig is a century ahead of 1973’s top BBQ, Fresh Air. No comparison, Blind Pig is KING. Fresh Air fans just don’t know any better…

  5. 7 I'm Georgia March 3, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Definitely Fresh Air. Been eating there for 35+ years and still haven’t found better. Blind Pig’s ok. Saw where some ATL mag rated it top 5 material. Agree stew and taters are best part. And the part about the service normally being quicker. Not true. Always takes a long time and they always tell you it’s normally quicker.

  1. 1 Blind Pig BBQ, Jackson GA – Marie, Let's Eat! Trackback on July 16, 2016 at 1:47 pm

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