Who Will Have More?

Fantasy baseball consumes a lot of my time in the summer months. A good or bad side effect is that I am consumed by baseball statistics. Driving through beautiful Northwest Georgia as the sun was coming up this morning, I got to thinking about the Braves and some stats. I got to thinking about other stats, too, and who will have more of a certain category. This led me to ponder-Who will have more:

-wins between Tommy Hanson and Jair Jurrjens? Hanson had a good 2010, but got little run support. Jurrjens never really got on track, having to deal with nagging injuries throughout the season. Hanson has powerful stuff, but tends to get rocked a couple of games. Jurrjens has a reputation of being very steady, though he won’t blow you away with his stuff. Both of these guys will be the cornerstone of the Braves rotation for years to come, but look for J.J. to have a good rebound year.

-starts at third base, Chipper Jones or Martin Prado? If Chipper can be healthy, this is a non issue. However, at this stage in his career and coming off a major knee injury, it is fair to assume that is a pretty fair “if”. I think if Prado gets going in left field good, then I don’t see them moving him to 3rd as a short term solution. You won’t see Prado get any starts at 3rd on the Sunday home games that Chipper gets off. I think Prado will stay put at left.

-starts, Brandon Beechy or Mike Minor?I really don’t know. This will be interesting to see.

-more combined rushing yards in 2011, Isaih Crowell/Ken Malcome or Washaun Ealey/Caleb King? I like the youth movement going on at tailback. Part of me also thinks we have seen Ealey’s last game at Georgia. Ken Malcome should provide some nice “thunder” to Crowell’s “lightning”.

-more receiving yards in 2011, a wide receiver or tight end?This offense reminds me a lot of 2005. Good depth at tight end, a good quarterback that is poised and can make plays with his legs, and a bunch of receivers who aren’t really tested. In 2005, Leonard Pope was the leading reciever. I think Orson Charles (best TE since Pope) will lead the team in receiving yards in 2011.

-make more outlandish statements, Mark Bradley or the Red and Black? Hopefully the Red and Black has had enough egg on their face, and might learn something from their mistakes…their students after all. You must be young and stupid prior to being old and wise. However, Mark Bradley wears an egg beard. This one is easy.

-win more Academy Awards, The Kings Speech, Black Swan, or the Social Network? I thought, minus one glorious scene, Black Swan was complicated, disturbing and dumb. Social Network had some flow problems, and it is widley accepted Aaron Sorkin wrote a good screenplay not based on fact. The King’s Speechis one of the best movies I have seen in a while, and should take home some Oscars this weekend.


2 Responses to “Who Will Have More?”

  1. 1 Granite February 23, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    You shouldn’t let something that you will inevitable lose consume so much of your life. Just ask a Clemson fan.

  2. 2 Tuxedodawg February 23, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Hanson vs. Jurjens — Hanson. The red headed stranger’s going to be a beast this season. Mark my words.

    Jones vs. Prado — Jones will start. If he didn’t know he was starting, he wouldn’t be coming back.

    Beechy vs. Minor — Like you, no clue

    Rushing yards — Crowell/ Malcome all the way. King/ Ealey will probably be in jail by then. But then again, so might Crowell/Malcome.

    Receiving yards — It’s the year of the big guy.

    Outlandish comments — Tie. Bradley’s dumb. Red and Black is a total joke. Here’s the real question: You’re at a bathroom with no toilet paper but a copy of the AJC and the Red and Black. Which do you use to wipe your dirty ass first?

    Academy Awards — Black Swan will give Portman Best Actress. Social Network will get Best Picture, and Colin Firth will win Best Actor for King’s Speech, even though it should be going to Bridges for True Grit.

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