This One’s For the Girls

Channeling my inner Martina McBride:

We are all excited about the men’s basketball team victory Saturday afternoon in Knoxville.  Well, the Lady Dawgs can make it a sweep in Knoxville with a victory against the Lady Volunteers tonight.  The Lady Dawgs are having a good season.  I thought they would take a step back after losing superstars Ashley Houts and Angel Robinson-two all time greats. 

But credit the 2011 squad and Coach Landers.  They are having a very good year.  You can say Landers should have won it all with talent like Tasha Humphrey and Ashley Houts, but he this season is another example of consistency.  Landers has had 20+ wins in  26 out of his 32 seasons. 

On another note, Teresa Edwards is a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame.  During the Saturday night NBA All-Star festivities, Charles Barkley said that Edwards was the best women’s basketball player ever.   Good luck to her.



1 Response to “This One’s For the Girls”

  1. 1 wisedawg February 23, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Reba McEntire is MUCH better…

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