Hope Mark Richt And Dave Perno’s Teams Don’t Start Out The Same Way

I think Dave Perno has had a good run in Athens.  Perno’s team broke the trend last year of going to College World Series every other year.  Just in 2008, he had UGA all set to win the CWS and was just a few outs away until they let Fresno State back in it.   I have no real beef with Dave Perno overall. 

The consistent inconsistency that the UGA baseball team has had over his tenure is a sore spot for some fans.  Folks have pointed to Florida, where they quickly moved to get rid of Pat McMahon, and that Greg McGarity may not have much paitience for continued inconsistent play. 

Well the UGA baseball team didn’t do much the opening weekend, being swept by Stetson.  I hope the football team with its embattled head coach starts thier season better than the baseball team did with their embattled head coach.  Granted baseball is different, and there are certainly a lot of season left.  But if the football team comes out of the gate and does as poorly as the baseball team did, it will be a long (or short) season for Coach Richt and his staff. 


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