Auburn Fans Giving Al From Dadeville Exactly What He Wants

Do you think Al from Dadeville cares he’s locked up in the slammer for applying herbicide to the trees in Toomer’s Corner?  He called into the Finebaum show to brag about it, so you would think he is proud over his actions.  Someone who is that off balanced doesn’t care about the repercussions from his actions.

Thousands of Auburn fans descending on Toomer’s Corner this weekend is giving Harvey Updike exactly what he wants.  We have all seen The Dark Knight.  It reminds me of the end of the movie when the Joker wanted the people in the ferries leaving town to blow each other up.  When introduced with a little anarchy, the Joker believed that normal citizens would act no better than him.  The people of Gotham showed they are better than the Joker.  Auburn fans, prove you are better than Harvey Updike.


Seeing thousands of fans rally at the trees is giving Updike exactly what he wants.  Auburn fans, don’t let this deranged person feel satisfaction in his actions. 


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