One Fanbase More Perverse Than Alabama’s

Yesterday, the national spotlight was on the Iron Bowl.  No, not because of the epic game last year, but rather because some deranged Alabama fan poisoned the trees at Toomer’s Corner.  PTI, ESPN radio and other pundits were chiming in.  I even listened to Paul Finebuam yesterday and hear Tammy.  It was an educational experience. 

The prevalent question yesterday was this:  If a man would put a powerful herbicide in the ground to kill 130 year old trees, what else is he capable of?  This isn’t painting the Arch as Georgia Tech fans did decades ago; this is the destruction of  a historical landmark that cannot be fixed following a simple trip to Home Depot.  As a peripheral concern, the folks in Auburn are concerned about the drinking water being contaminated.  Serious stuff.

It is not fair to lump all Alabama fans into one pile, although I will say the vast majority are probably more like Al from Dadeville than they would like to admit.  But this  isn’t the first time in a SEC rivalry that a fan base has taken extreme measures to cause harm to something beloved to the rival fans.  One group of fans more twisted, perverse and demented than the Alabama fans have ripped the hearts of another fan base:  The Florida Gators.

When did the “rivalry” between Georgia and Florida heat up again?  I would say it was 2007, when Georgia whipped the Gators in all phases of the game and, to add insult to injury, stormed the field to celebrate:

The unintended consequences were felt in 2008 and 2009.  Officials seemed more likely to throw flags against the Bulldogs.  Urban Meyer wasn’t pleased, and his club beat the Bulldogs by a combined 90-27 in 2008-09.  Meyer even infamously called a timeout to rub it in a little more.  We thought the on field embarrassment was all the Gators were going to dish out.

Not so fast my friend. 

Let me review with you a timeline of events:

October 27,2007-The Bulldogs beat the Gators convincingly, storming the field in excessive celebration after scoring the first touchdown.  The Georgia Defense also plays inspired ball, giving eventual Heisman Trophy winter Tim Tebow his worst game of the 2007 season. 

June 28, 2008Uga VI, the overall most successful of all the Ugas, dies from a heart attack prior to the 2008 season.  

November 19, 2009Uga VII, only four years old and not even two full seasons in as being mascot, died suddenly.  

February 4, 2011Uga VIII, not even two years old and only 6 games into his career, passed away in his sleep.

A little over three years-three dead dogs. 

Although some blame for the recent Ugas deaths is being placed on Sonny Seiler, the man has been breeding dogs for 50 years.  Surely he can’t be making this many mistakes.   What kind of sickos would purposefully hurt a dog, especially one as precious and beloved as an Uga?  There are only 3 possibilities: 

  1. Osama bin Laden
  2. Michael Vick
  3. Florida Gator Fans

Option 1 is unlikely, since Osama is either dead or living in a cave in Pakistan.  I see no reason why Osama bin Laden would have a beef with UGA, having no dog in this fight (ah thank you), so I think any reasonable person can rule out Osama. 

Option 2 is a possibility, but Vick wouldn’t risk going back to the pen for hurting dogs, much less in the state of Georgia.

Option 3 is the only one left.  Think about it:  UGA embarrasses the Gators.  Our dogs start to die.

Spread the word…those jean short wearing swamp rats are responsible for our string of Uga deaths! Open an investigation! I demand it!



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