BBQ Thursday – Hollis Famous Ribs

All All day Friday I had been thinking about eating BBQ and decided that it was about time I tried out that little rib shack on Broad just off of downtown Athens. For almost ten years now I’ve been driving by that little white building just down the road from the Varsity and wondered how it was. I’ve always seen the men standing around smoking grills on the side of the building and said “that place has to be good” but just keep driving by. Well I tried it out Saturday and let me be the first to say, Sonny’s Real Pit is four miles down the road.

Everything started out great. I came in the little shop and it had the feel of an old dinner or carry out stand. The girl waiting on me was friendly and the owner was sitting on a bar stool watching football. Since I knew there wasn’t much room to sit inside I got a half pound of pork and half rack of ribs to-go and as I was checking out, couldn’t resist the bag of fresh pork skins on the counter. $20 for more than two people can eat plus skins, this was starting out well. On the way home I dove into the skins and they were unseasoned but crispy fresh and almost buttery fatty. So far so good. Then I got home.

The bbq was dried out, had no sauce (which normally is fine), and the homemade sauce was a mix of ketchup, a little vinegar, and red pepper flakes. Way too sweet and just not good. The ribs were no better. They were drowned in the same ketchup sauce and weren’t even as good as the pulled pork. Now giving credit were credit is due, once you got through the dried burnt meat which reeked of smoke, cartilage, and fat there was some pretty good meat that the ketchup couldn’t reach near the bone. It was just a train wreck of poor quality meat that sat too long on a hot grill.

Sorry for being so critical but I just want to save anyone from making the same mistake I did. I have been told that when this joint was JB’s it was great but that it changed hands in ’09.  Now if you are a Hollis regular and love the place, feel free to rip me in the comments.


2 Responses to “BBQ Thursday – Hollis Famous Ribs”

  1. 1 Tim (Watkinsville) January 27, 2011 at 8:53 am

    I completely agree. This place is pitiful, just bad food all around. If the white BBQ trailer ever shows back up on Broad across from the Holiday Inn, avoid that one as well. It has similar barbecue with commercial tasting overly sweet sauce. Yuck.

  2. 2 BuyPropertyUcheeDawg! January 27, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I can tell from that picture that you would probably have do with the BBQ what Clark Griswold did with the Christmas turkey.

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