Tuesday Night Heartbreak

I did something last night a fan should never do…I looked ahead. In the first overtime, I was already drafting a post in my mind about the incredible basketball game we all watched on the WWL. I was going to title it “The Price Is Right” due to the incredible play of young Mr. Price last night.

I don’t have to rehash what happened next. My wife thought I needed an ambulance when that shot fell from some fifty feet it seemed to send us into Double OT.

Instead of reliving that pain, I want to focus briefly on the good that last night brought. Last night, our Dawgs played a game on national television. The talking heads are talking about this team, and they postponed coverage of a HUGE game to see the end of this one. Folks across America were tuned in to it and saw the product Coach Fox has put on the court.

For the first time in years, there is a buzz around UGA basketball. The Steg appeared to be rocking last night (sure wish I had been able to attend). The excitement is a good thing for UGA athletics though, especially in the wake of the mess that is UGA football. I’m pretty sure there are few happier fans than Mark Richt right now.

This is a team that I believe can make a run in March if we get just one favorable matchup. The tv guys popped an image up last night that projected UGA to be a potential Sweet 16 team. We’re still a little ways away from that, but not far. If we take care of business the rest of the regular season and have a decent showing in the SEC tourney, it could be a fun March.

The loss truly tore my heart out. I haven’t cared about an outcome of a UGA basketball game as much as I did last night since the turn of the millennium. But we lost in Double OT to a really talented team, and even though losing to the Gators is kind of like kissing your sister, at least it was a great game and they’re a nationally respected team.

The game itself was a true joy to watch. Nothing beats a great game, especially when it’s your team playing. I foresee a few more of those this year. There is talent on this team we haven’t seen in a while, and Fox really knows what he’s doing.

For the first time in years, I can’t wait for March Madness. This team can not only get there, but make a splash when they do.

Go Dawgs!



1 Response to “Tuesday Night Heartbreak”

  1. 1 Griff January 26, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Very painful loss…as crazy as it is for me to believe, I actually equate the pain to the football loss to the same team. I think ESPN actually did a good job with the game last night (Nessler is a bit of a homer, which is rare for Georgia!), BUT I don’t think the world is over for us yet. Yes, that was a big hit for us in the East, but in the long run we are still in good shape. We should go 6-0 or 5-1 against the West which should keep us in good position for an NCAA bid. Plus we will be that team “that no one wants to play” in the SEC tourney. We KNOW we can beat Vandy, Florida and Tennessee and we have already beaten Kentucky. A #1 seed in the East may be almost gone (which I don’t believe), but a #2 seed is still very realistic. Go Dawgs!

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