Pretty Funny Comment

I’m going to paste a comment below that was left by BoWeevil. I don’t have a clue who this character is, and I don’t have his permission to post this, but it’s our blog so he really doens’t have much say. I’ve had my share of disagreements with some of his comments he leaves, but in this one he does a pretty good (and funny) job of summarizing the complaints of Dawg fans. I’m not correcting anything gramatically, just copying it. Thought it was worth a read by all, solely for entertainment purposes. Thanks, I think, BoWeevil.

from BoWeevil on excuses and cop-outs:

Here are my EXCUSES and COP-OUTS

1. this guy sick

2. this guy Injured

3. this guy no longer on team couldn’t block for run; now that he is gone, we will be great.

4. this guy inconsistent, great at times other times same guy had his head in the clouds

5. this guy just had an off-year

6. this returning starter no good 1 of 10 of the returning starters on this offense who ended the season # 72 at 1st Downs

7. no talent

8. no strength & conditioning

9. not big enough

10. Pro-style offensive scheme he doesn’t recruit well for

11. Mike Bobo doesn’t make good play calls, quits on what is working to do the other so it’s a balanced offense  50-50 run/pass no matter the competition

12.  Mark Richt # 52 NCAA Rank Total Offense all 10 years now

13. Mark Richt had to suspend Twenty (20) Percent of his 85 Scholarships so they did not even get to play 17 of 85 Scholarship Players SUSPENDED – some of the 17 for as many as 4 games (AJ Green Caleb Darnell King, etc.)

14. 5 kicked off the team 2010 alone

15. We were young (despite now losing 14 seniors and AJ Green)

16. We cannot recruit in-state talent on Offense

17. Mark Richt is the # 4 best coach in all of America despite the fact that he is # 8 in just The SEC in the BCS Era vs SEC won / lost percentage his entire 10 years here

18. Willie Martinez is the only problem we have with our coaching staff, rest are all GREAT.

19. Won 6 games against 6 teams ALL who have a LOSING RECORD, but Mike Bobo sure ran the score up on these CUPCAKES

20. We almost nearly came close played tough lost by only a few points

21. He wore a glove in the last game on a 70-degree day when we wouldn’t let him use it the entire Spring Fall and all season long.

22. It’s just Caleb King who is no good.

23. AJ Green is our best player MVP for the TEAM and he sold out his teammates for $1000 and then LIED to all us that he was NEVER IN MIAMI when it had NOTHING to do with being in Miami that they had told him he SOLD a jersey for $1000 from the SHREVEPORT bowl

24. Not OK for Ohio State 5 to sell stuff for profit, but OK for AJ Green – just unfair of the NCAA

25. The police are just out to get the football players

26. They are all scooter tickets anyway – forget about 2 guilty of sexual batter, another guy who beat up his student at UGA girlfriend 3 times, another guy who beat a student to the point he is permanently disfigured and all that just for talking to a gal at an Apartment cook-out who said she was NOT EVEN DATING the Mark Richt recruit.

27. Another guy with 2 ARRESTS who told a gal bus driver at UGA that if she told anyone further about her loan to him of $500 the day Spring Break started that he would publish nude pics and video of her on the internet and that he would NEVER repay the $500 loan (Oh, yeah and then he FLUNKED off the team and yet was the # 1 overall recruit in the state of Georgia 2006 and yet averages 400 yards a season since as our Starting Tailback for Mark Richt who recruited the thug here.)

28. We scored 30 points beating 6 CUPCAKES, Bobo doesn’t have go go, he is GREAT.

29. Mark Richt is # 4 best coach in all of America despite being 44-21 the last five (5) years ranking # 23 in wins on the field these last 5 years.

30. Jim Donnan sucks 19 losses better win percentage vs SEC and better win percentage vs all teams his entire 5 years here compared directly to Mark Richt worse on all fronts here his last 5 years by DIRECT COMPARISON.

31. Ray Goff sucked with 21 losses 1991-1995 his last 5 years here before being FIRED, despite fact that Mark Richt EQUALED THAT over his last 5 years here by DIRECT COMPARISON with 21 Losses.

32. We should all worry about Ray Goff taking over or Jim Donnan taking over; don’t we remember how bad it was back then with them both ?  Mark Richt should worry about his next gig not as good as this one.

33.  We are just 1 NT away from NC every year now.

34. with your EXCUSES & COP-OUTS.


2 Responses to “Pretty Funny Comment”

  1. 1 Whiskeydawg January 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Ironic that there were “34” comments given the last time that number had significance relevance was when we truly were a national champion and contender.

  2. 2 Brad January 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Nothing gets by you whiskeydawg although no irony.

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