Jump On With Me

The Falcons’ bandwagon, that is.

I readily admit that I am the quintessential bandwagon fan of the Atlanta Falcons. I casually watched about 12-13 of the regular season games, often times between naps or working around the house. I think I only watched a couple of games in their entirety.

I couldn’t name more than 8 starters, and if Mike Smith came up and slapped me on the back I wouldn’t know who he was. I’ve only been to one game in my life, and that was a sweet deal where I was invited to sit in a box for the Saints game last year, so that doesn’t even really count.

However, right now I am among the biggest Falcons fans in the state. Saturday night I vow to watch every snap, and will be cheering hard. I get upset with the “fair weather fans” of our Georgia Bulldogs, but I am that same type of fan for the Falcons. Call me a hypocrite, but at least I’m being honest.

Being an admittedly poor fan, I don’t know why it has angered me so much that everyone at the WWL is picking against OUR Atlanta Falcons. It’s like Green Bay is untouchable, and the 13-3 record our boys put up was just a mishap. I’m angry, and I hope the boys in black will be too. I hope they beat the Pack by 3 touchdowns on Saturday and shut your talking heads up, for the time being anyway.

It’s a huge game for the Falcons, and it will be fun to watch. I can only imagine how incredible the atmosphere will be in the Georgia Dome on Saturday, as real fans unlike myself file in and bring down the house. It will be fun to watch on tv.

I offer my apologies to those true fans out there, and I hope that you accept this bandwagon fan with open arms, at least for one weekend.

Go Falcons!



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