To Any Dawg Fans Driving to Memphis This Week

Ucheedawg and I made a drive to Branson, MO last summer.  Memphis is about the halfway point of the trip.  We stopped and ate BBQ coming and going .  I have a few words of advice for anyone driving:

-Make sure you have gas once you get past Tupelo.

-Don’t speed in the state of Alabama, ESPECIALLY in Jasper between Birmingham and the Mississippi state line.  If you must have a heavy foot, wait until you get to Hwy. 78. 

We got stopped by a Smokey and the Bandit wannabe cop.  He was a douche…we weren’t even speeding.  He was your sterotypical southern cop.  Big hat, cocky walk, big sunglasses and the attidude to go along with his dress up outfit.  “Why in the hell are you driving so fast on my road” was the first thing he said to us when we rolled down the window.  So, yeah, be careful.

-The drive through Mississippi is much more pleasent than the drive through Alabama.  What does that say for Alabama?

-If you feel like your wheels are going to fall off your car, don’t worry, it is just the Alabama roads.

-Once you get in Memphis, you will eat some good BBQ.  Now, everyone probably knows about Rendezvous.  Go to this website and see other good places.  We did reviews of A&R’s and The BBQ Shop.  The BBQ Shop comes highly recommended from the Grit Tree. 

-When you get to Memphis, be lucky you aren’t having to drive through the state of Arkansas.

Drive Safe and cheer on the Dawgs!  Enjoy the BBQ!


1 Response to “To Any Dawg Fans Driving to Memphis This Week”

  1. 1 ucheedawg December 28, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    If you want wet ribs, go to AR’s. They’ll blow your mind.

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