I’ll Give the Devil His Due

I am not a fan of Jeff Schultz.   Even when we agree, I find fault in his reasoning

However, he is on to something in this recent article.  Jon Gruden ain’t taking the Miami job, but the ACC needs Jon Gruden just to elevate the conference’s name appeal. I think FSU-Virginia Tech will be a good game, and I will watch, but it is clearly the third most interesting championship game on “Championship Saturday”.    South Carolina-Auburn and Nebraska-Oklahoma both have way more interesting story lines than the ACC Championship game. 

Even most Georgia fans are more interested in the C-USA Championship game, to see our bowl opponent. 

I think I am up on the happenings in the college football world, and if you are reading The Grit Tree, you must care about the world of college football. 

Quick, without using Google, name the 6 teams in ACC Atlantic and Coastal Divisions. 

If you can do it, kudos.  I can’t. 

Florida State and Virginia Tech are in different divisions, obviously, but which ones?  I couldn’t tell you.

The ACC schools should send the Big East schools a nice gift basket, because if it weren’t for the Big East, the ACC would by far be the most irrelevent conference in college football.


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