Again, It All Depends on the Defense

As was the case with Auburn, the outcome of the Georgia Tech game will fall on Coach Grantham and his boys.

Despite the criticisms of Mike Bobo, the bottom line is the offense is scoring a mess of points. The results are clearly there.

I watched the Georgia Tech-Miami game in its full. Georgia Tech is having a much tougher time adjusting to the 3-4 (I thought their players were supposed to be smarter…).

UGA’s offense is going to score 40+ points. A.J. Green will have 2 or 3 TDs on his own.

So the $750,000 question is simple: will our defense make key stops like in 2009, or play undisciplined and give up a ton of points like in 2008?

If the defense shows up to play, Georgia should have no problem covering the 13.5 points.


1 Response to “Again, It All Depends on the Defense”

  1. 1 Jonathan November 23, 2010 at 9:10 am

    I agree completely, good post! It will be interesting to see how CTG prepares this defense for Tech’s option.

    Usually the word you hear when talking about defending the option is having your defense play “assignment football”. We have heard Houston mention it a few times this year how the UGA defense has not been able to do that well – so that is worrisome in my opinion.

    I think we do enough to win and I don’t see Tech scoring more than a few times. I predicted last night a 45 – 23 W for the Dawgs

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