Neon Sunglasses and Socialism: Closing the Book on the WLOCP

I was too bewildered on Sunday and too busy yesterday to close the book on the 2010 Cocktail Party.

Florida is not all that good, but they are still Florida.  They have lost to Alabama, LSU and Mississippi State-three very good teams with 4 combined losses.  They had a bye week to get Demps 100% and Rainey back in.  Though their record may not reflect it, they are a good team and are well coached.  Two good teams met up, the closest games in the history of the WLOCP, and we fell short.

The Defense will get better.  Aaron Murray will get better and have better command of the offense-and that is very encouraging.  The special teams have improved, turnovers, creating turnovers and penalties have all gotten SIGNIFIGANTLY better than last year.  The pass coverage is not very good still, but the team only had two penalties last week.  As Tony Barnhart said in his column today, Georgia in 2009 was a bad team poorly coached.  But this team is close to being good…the mental, fundamental mistakes that cost this team in 2008 and 2009 are no longer there.  Georgia’s five losses have come by an average of 7 points…three were decided in the final minutes.  This team needs to win a close game again and get its mojo back and I think it will start to fall into place soon.

But by now you can go other places about the game and at this point, I am tired of talking about the actual game and whether or not Richt is a good coach or a sorry one. 

Here are some general observations from the weekend:

What are these girls thinking? After we got on the island late Friday afternoon and got some lunch, my wife and I visited some friends on the SSI beach.  It was the second time I’ve been to the beach, and like the first time, was not impressed.  It’s one thing to be on the beach in a bathing suit, but to be on the beach all day long in normal (we’ll get to that in a second) clothes is just nasty.  Getting hammered and sandy was not appealing to me 4 years ago when I went and it wasn’t any more appealing on Friday.  And there was soooo much garbage on the ground.  Come on, folks.   Don’t be trashy. 

But what are Mom and Dad thinking out there?  I am 25 and felt uncomfortable out on the beach.  I saw folks into their 50s hanging around the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  What were they thinking?  Akward. 

But I did notice a lot of good lookin’ gals on the beach.  I mean, there were a ton of UGA co-eds.  There were bound to a few lookers, right?  My question:  when did neon come back in style?  I saw more girls running around in jogging shorts and neon tank tops with their sorority “letters”.  And what is up with all the cheap sunglasses with neon on the sides?  For some of our readers out there still in school…are you new fangled college kids trying to dress tacky on purpose or is that the new style?

The roundabout on Saint Simons sucks.  I hate that stupid round about.  Who knows when you enter at what time?  What if you need to get over?   Stupid.  And some people don’t know how to drive in them…my self included. 

I’ll put it this way:  the roundabout is a European design, therefore it is socialist.  We don’t need any socialist roundabouts on the beautiful Golden Isles.  This socialized traffic management is so silly.  Everyone wants to be in the intersection at the same time.  Equal time for everyone.  I like my inefficient, American traffic lights and 4 way stops. Only a select few get in the intersection at a time!

Spanky’s isn’t all that good.  We ate at Spanky’s Marshside on the way out of town Sunday.  Got blackened grouper sandwich and split an appetizer of Gator Tail-if you can’t beat them might as well eat them.  The food was good, but if you want fried shrimp (my favorite seafood) it is $20.  You can get better shrimp at the crab trap for $15 or so.  Or even the Frederica House.  (The best fried Shrimp I have had on SSI was actually at The Red Barn, where the steaks are the best, also).  The gator appetizer was good, but the portion size was meager at best.  Jim Shaw’s in Macon has better gator for cheaper.  The service was terrible.  The service is never good; the food is good but very overpriced.  I will continue to eat Spanky’s because it is alright, a tradition and convenient.  But like with many of my votes I am going to cast today, I am going to hold my nose while doing it. 

The game needs to be moved from Jacksonville and played on the Campus Stadiums:  Not really, but hear my point:  It is not a neutral field.  The Florida fans are louder.  The Florida Band is better.  ~40,000 Florida fans are louder than ~40,000 Georgia fans.  Up until the end of the game when Georgia came back to tie it up, the east side of whatever Alltel Stadium is called now was significantly louder than the west side.  Next year, the west side will be louder.

Us fans can cast down our criticisms on the team, but if we can’t do our own part then we are being hypocritical.  Some of the things we do are silly-the little superstitions we all have and do regularly.  But the thing we can to give our team an advantage is be loud, make it harder on the other team and energize our own team.  Only cheering or getting loud when things are good or when the team runs out in black jerseys ain’t going to cut it. 

If you go down to have a few drinks, frat it up on Saint Simons and party like the good old days thirty years ago, then fine.  If you go down to watch a football game, Georgia fans, cheer dammit. And don’t leave early!

Our fans aren’t louder than Florida fans.  At least every other year we should get a crowd advantage, since as it is now every year we are at crowd disadvantage.  Certainly the 92,000 UGA fans would be louder at Sanford, but I seriously doubt it, so never mind. The students would actually have to make it to their seats by kick off. 

Leave the game in Jacksonville so we can at least have a mini-vacation. 



9 Responses to “Neon Sunglasses and Socialism: Closing the Book on the WLOCP”

  1. 1 paul November 2, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    My wife and I were among the Moms & Dads in our 50’s out on the beach Friday. For the record, we were mostly people watching. We also met our son, his girlfriend and a few of their friends who were on the island for the game. We left by about 3:30 so things hadn’t gotten too crazy just yet. We’ll be tailgating on the front lawn of the Sigma Chi house this weekend as usual. Come on by. We’ll feed you. I’ll tell you about working with Lewis Grizzard at the AJC back in the days before our son was born. By the way, if Spanky’s ain’t doing it for you by all means quit eating there, tradition or not. Traditionally, we lose to Florida. That doesn’t mean we should keep doing it.

  2. 2 Barefoot Tree Hugger November 2, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I could have told you Spankys wasn’t that good and I love the round about.

  3. 3 Jason November 2, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    You didn’t graduate from UGA. It’s obvious.

    • 4 ucheedawg November 2, 2010 at 1:50 pm

      He did graduate from UGA. He was in school with me at UGA. I’ve seen him on the beach and other places doing things like these kids (unfortunately, I was too….seems like a different person looking back). He’s just hurting right now, give him some slack. A blog is a good place to vent our frustration. But you’ve never met a more diehard UGA grad than corbin, so give him some slack.

    • 5 Corbindawg November 2, 2010 at 2:13 pm

      BSA 2007.

  4. 6 ucheedawg November 2, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    You sound like a bitter old man, not a 25 year old young buck. Let the kids have some fun.

    And for the roundabout, just learn how to drive in one. Its not that hard. I can tweet and drive through one with no problems. In fact, I wish we had more of them.

    You sound like we just lost to Florida or the 8th time in 10 years, or the 17th time in two decades…..

    • 7 Corbindawg November 2, 2010 at 2:37 pm

      What happend when Ray Goff was coaching against Steve Spurrier when Aaron Murray was still in Pampers does not concern me.

      No doubt I have had my fair share of fun…and I am sure someone has seen me at one point when I was younger I did my fair share of dumb things, and wore even dumber things. I am sure folks did say the same thing about me.

  5. 8 Tuxedodawg November 2, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Jason, I am the “Corbs” brother, and he was born into a baby’s body with a bitter old man’s mentality. To know him is to love him. He’s one heck of a writer, though, and an even stronger Bulldawg fan. I’m proud to say that I’ve never met anyone who loves the Dawgs more than my sweet brother.

    But Corbindawg, tacky is in the eye of the beholder. You and your lovely wife tease me for my western shirts and Bill Cosby sweaters, but I’ve seen you wear shorts where the hem of the pants tickle your grundle — that may be tacky to some people.

    And yes, ALL roundabouts are stupid and pointless now. They were originally designed to defend and protect towns by placing artillery in the middle to protect the roads entering the town in all directions. The only thing that SSI needs to defend are your comments on Spanky’s and the 50+ partiers, and it doesn’t need a roundabout for that.

  6. 9 Otto November 3, 2010 at 10:02 am

    The UGA fans WILL be as LOUD if they have a program that they thinK will WIN the game. The fans were rather quiet back in ’95 in Athens when they knew a but kicking was coming.

    At this point CMR has shown little to prove to the fanbase that UGA is capable of winning over UF in Jax, Athens, or Atlanta.

    Keep the game in Jax.

    Work on getting an open date before the WLOCP or atleast UF having an equally hard game before

    Get a staff that teaches players to take leadership and an OC that can call a game well enough to win.

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