This one hurts

After a depressing retreat from another defeat in Jax back to South Georgia, here are a few initial thoughts. We’ll have more as we recover and go back to the real world this week.

1. You fear a bad game with a freshman QB. That day was today with Aaron Murray, and it couldn’t have been worse timing. Although Murray was a big reason Georgia had a chance to win, his slow start and turnovers were a big reason for the loss.

2. It’s easy to say, ‘you can’t blame coaching.’ But well-coached teams don’t make critical mistakes in key games. Well-coached teams don’t allow an offense that has looked abysmal for much of the season that all of a sudden roar to life.

3. Let’s stop this business of calling this game a ‘rivalry.’ A rivalry is when both teams are able to consistently beat one another. Until Georgia can figure out how to beat Florida on a regular basis, it may as well be called the ‘annual meeting between Georgia and Florida.’

4. Georgia’s best hope now is ruining Auburn’s season and beating an average Georgia Tech team. The opportunity to mess up other teams’ seasons is becoming an unwelcome annual tradition at Georgia. Not quite the same as playing for an SEC title, is it?

5. Something has to change for Georgia in this rival….woops…annual meeting. Florida appears to know it has a mental advantage, almost as if it believes when the game is at stake, Georgia will find a way to lose.

6. It makes your blood boil as a Georgia fan to see UF players celebrating in front of Georgia’s bench and their head coach doing that idiotic gator chomp toward Georgia fans after the game. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for photos of UF’s celebration to be plastered throughout the UGA workout facilities during the offseason….just a thought.

7. If you think things are bad in Athens, take a look at Austin, Texas, where the cries of Texas are upon the Longhorns.

8. Yes, it gets old losing to Floridia over and over again. But we can’t wait to be in Athens again and be in Jacksonville again next October!

Lugnut Dawg


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