A Test From Corbindawg

Leave it to Ucheedawg to teach me new technology. Usually, I am the one teaching him about technology. It’opposite day, so the Dawgs must win!

Now I have blogging capabilities from my Blackberry. So this is my notice: I apologize now for any words spelled wrong or any typos-I am not that good typing on the Blackberry. Now I have an excuse.

We are on the way to Jax now. Mr. and Mrs. Ucheedawg, Mrs. Corbindawg and myself are cruising down I-95.

We’ll be at our tailgate on Hill Street by 9:30…it will be a glorious day on the banks of the St. Johns. If we can stop Rainey and Demps on the outside, get the ball to AJ and not turn the ball over, we should be celebrating tonight!

Either way, it will be a fun day with great friends. Go Dawgs! Gators suck!



1 Response to “A Test From Corbindawg”

  1. 1 Al October 30, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Gators eat boogers! Go Dawgs!

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