A Hollywood Ending That Fell Short

I gererally HATE sports movies.  I don’t like the feel good, mushy gushy crap.  I also don’t like them becuase for the most part, they are cliche and unrealistic-and actual sporting events never seem to end up the way they do in the movies.

But the Giants-Braves series was shaping up differently.  It was like Hollywood wrote the script for this Divisional Series.  4 games decided by 1 run.  There were great pitching match ups, clutch home runs and lively crowds.

The game last night was an exclamation point on a dramatic series.  It showed gutsy performances.  Derek Lowe earned BIG points with me last night.  He went out there and played his heart out and left EVERYTHING on the field.  Bobby wanted to bring him out and he said “No, I can finish.”  I was reminded of the scene in Angels in the Outfield when Mel Clark (Tony Danza) stayed in despite throwing 159 pitches.  Lowe couldn’t get that special moment and get out of the jam.

Brain McCann, the All-Star and with out question the leader of the team, hit a HUGE home run and made several defensive plays.  He threw out a runner stealing second and after a beautiful Diaz throw, made a text book play at home to limit the damage when the wheels were seemingly about to fall off.

But this isn’t Hollywood.  Instead, the problems that have hurt the Braves all season long reared their ugly head again.  Errors and defensive miscues.  Making opposing pitchers look like All-Stars.  Not having any offense and relying on a few players to do it all.  Players playing out of position due to injuries. 

Bobby Cox should win the Manager of the Year Award.  2 rookies in the bullpen.  2 rookies in the starting rotation.  Future ace Jair Jurrjens was hurt and ineffective most of the season.  Chipper Jones was hurt.  Martin Prado got hurt.  You basically got zero offensive production from left field, center field, shortstop, third base and first base for the majority of the season.  All that went wrong and this team won 91 games and was in a position to contend to win the Divisional Series. 

It is all over now.  There was no happy ending like Field of Dreams.  No gutsy performance like in Angels in the Outifield or Major League that translated to victory.  Our hero didn’t get to ride out in the sunset a winner. 


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