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I won’t say much, largely because I don’t have much time. I do want to address something that has been driving me crazy though. A lot of people have said/are saying that had we had AJ these past 3 games, the outcome would have been different.

That is simply not true. Yes, AJ is our best player and is one of the elite players in America. But he DOES NOT make our offense. SEC defenses are good enough to limit individuals. It would have been nice to have had him, but it wouldn’t have resulted in any wins. One wide receiver can’t do that. And defenses can stop one guy.

I have talked to over a dozen football coaches the last 2 weeks about this, each of whom played college ball. Every one of them said the same thing- that AJ would not have changed the result of any game so far this season. One could argue that against SC he may have had a slight difference, but the point is that their D would have alienated AJ and left him worthless since all they have to worry about is that one guy.

Sorry, don’t have time to expand more, but I just had to get that off my chest. If you think I’m wrong, ask anybody with a true football IQ and they will quickly correct you. Not having AJ is not one of our main problems. Not having anybody else as a threat is.



An Overly Simple Suggestion To Improve the Offense

Ahhh, where can we begin?  Perhaps I am over simplifying this, but I think with all the problems this offense has, from inept play calling to inept play on the field, I have solution that would make things better.

Adjust the running back rotation.

Washaun Ealey, dating back to last season, has fumbled 3 times on the goal line in the past 7 games. 

Kentucky, it was the tying score.

South Carolina, essentially the tying score.

Mississippi State, a TD in the first quarter would have been nice.

Here’s a simple solution:  Make Ealey your back “between 20s”. 


Just Sad

People who read this blog have probably come to know me, as one reader put it, a “Downer Dawg”.    I typically sees things with a glass half empty.  I am always worried and pessimistic when it comes to my teams.  Can you blame me?  I pull for the Dawgs (no national title since 1980), the Braves (14 consecutive division titlesbut just 1 World Series), and the Falcons (we got our first back to back winning seasons just last year).  My teams are just known for finding ways to just screw it up.

Since last season, starting with the Kentucky game, I have railed about the bigger issues related to this program.  Sure we had problems with “in over their head” coaches such as Willie Martinez and Mike Bobo.  But the problems I felt were always bigger than that.  The team has and still lacks discipline, focus, and truly a lack of appreciation among some of the players of “What it Means to be a Bulldog.”

I continued this criticism after the South Carolina game and again after last week’s loss to Arkansas.  I opined that I hoped that new Athletic Director Greg McGarity would have what it took to make the BIG decision at the end of 2010,  if the season did not turn around dramatically.

Well, here we are we.  Embarrassed on the road by a Mississippi State,  a club that will probably finish 9th or 10th overall in the league.  Georgia is now 2-7 in their last 9 SEC games.  So I’m sure many of you expect me to write another article ripping everyone from the head coach, to the assistant coaches, to the trainers.  You won’t find that today.  As often as I have ripped the goings on with the University of Georgia football program the last couple of years, I always hope that I am wrong.  Deep down I always have a slight glimmer of hope that  Mark Richt will turn it around and lead us back to the promised land.  Last night as I sat there and watched what was taking place in Starkville, a cold dose of reality set it in like a fist to the gut.  Richt will not bring this team back.  He looks defeated and out of answers.  And to top it all off, Demetrius Baker was arrested for DUI at 4:30 this morning.  I’m glad he was taking the loss as hard as I was.   I am no longer angry or upset.  I’m  just….well….sad.


When it pours, it storms

It’s pretty simple. If you are looking to contend for the top of the SEC, you cannot and should not lose to Mississippi State. It was sobering enough going into the game for Georgia to be an underdog. Not only did they lose, but they were, when the game was on the line in the fourth quarter, were physically manhandled…by Mississippi State. For a program with the resources and drawing power of UGA, it is inexcusable to be physically beaten by MSU….just as was the case two games ago against South Carolina.

Since 2006, UGA has now lost to each team in the conference at least once except for Auburn and Ole Miss.

The list of problems at UGA continue to grow between off-field arrests and on-field failures. Are all of the problems the fault of head coach Mark Richt? No. But as head coach, it’s his job to fix them, and do so in a hurry. If not, matters will continue to worsen.

Lugnut Dawg

“Frankly, I don’t want to talk about it.”

We’ll just let Lewis’ famous words after the 1984 Tech game sum up everyone’s feelings.

Friday Locks

kensingtondawg (6-2-1)

West Virginia (+10.5) at LSU

NC State at Georgia Tech (-8)

Kentucky at Florida (-14)

ucheedawg (4-3-1)

Oklahoma @ Cincy (+13.5) Even though the Red River Shootout is next week, I think Oklahoma comes in focused here and takes care of business. Cincy is not a very good team, and I think Oklahoma passes all over them in preparations for next week’s showdown. Lay the points and feel good about the Sooners covering.

USC @ Washington State (+22) Everything about this game stinks to me. Washington State is terrible. They’re the only team in the Pac 10 who really just stinks. But……they’re better than they were last year, and they’re getting better week by week. Plus, they have one major thing in their corner: they host the dumbest coach in America this Saturday. I’m taking the points for two simple words- Lane Kiffin. He led his team to a 3 point victory over Virginia. He only beat a Minnesota team that lost the week before to a FCS school by 11. He blew the spread against Hawaii. He’s hated from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between! In the upset of the year, I’m calling for Washington State to send USC HC Lane “I’m a Terrible Coach, but I have a Hot Wife and A Respected Daddy” Kiffin home crying, but just to be safe, I’ll take the points.  Go Cougars! Go Cougars!

UGA @ Mississippi State (pk) UGA can’t lose this one, right? There’s no possible way we go 0-3 in SEC play, right? Please tell me it can’t be so. This is where Vegas makes money though, and while that may be the case, I’ve got to go with my heart this one time and pick our Dawgs to win. It’s all you have to do Dawgs! Just score one more point! In my shakiest pick of the season, I’m calling for the Dawgs to win in the straight up pick. Go Dawgs!

granitedawg (3-6-0)

Oregon @ Arizona State (+11.5) Oregon is like a Colt Brennan-led Hawaii team, but good. They run it well, they throw it well, and they look good doing it in their awesome jerseys! I really with Nike and UGA would team up and do something like that. Instead of that crap with the black helmets or the black jerseys, if they could just come up with something that looks good, maybe UGA could start playing like Oregon. Just like in putt-putt golf, part of playing good is looking good, and nobody looks better than Oregon (except the Arizona State fans, but they’re not on the field). Lay the points and take the Quack Attack!

Alabama @ Arkansas (+7) This NFL team is only giving Arkansas 7 points? Let’s be realistic here….Arkansas is not that great. They beat a mediocre-at-best UGA team last week and didn’t look good while doing it. Alabama will get to that tall QB of theirs early and often and he will resemble the chipped bbq I ate on Wednesday more than the mean Hawg he looked like against Georgia. I’ll be carrying my box of tide on a stick with a roll of tp on Saturday. Roll Tide Roll!

UGA @ Mississippi State (pk) I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to drive to Mississippi. If the Dawgs don’t win here, I’m going down on the field and hitting Todd Grantham in the face for letting Mississippi State score more points than us. Maybe that will light a fire under his hind end. I think the Dawgs beat the puppies, so I’ll go with UGA to win straight up in this pick.

barndawg (4-5-0)

Oregon (-11.5) at Arizona State Oregon has rolled through the past 3 games with a combined score of 189-13. Insane. And now the fun begins through the Pac 10. Arizona State gave Wisconsin a good game last week, but this game won’t be close. Ducks cover.

Nevada (-4.5) at BYU 
Nevada and the Pistol formation has been potent so far.  Right now, they rank 5th in rushing yards per game (302.0) and 4th in points per game (50.7). BYU has already lost to Air Force and Florida State, and just doesn’t seem like the BCS-buster teams of the past. Nevada covers.

Stanford (-4.5) at Notre Dame Had a hard time trying to decide a 3rd lock, but I really like Stanford and Andrew Luck. The Cardinal cover.

corbindawg (1-7-1)

UGA at Mississippi State (Pk) I am staying with my lean here, though I must question the wisdom of Uchee and Granite following the loser in the group.  The Bulldogs win on Saturday…HA HA, how many times have you heard that lame joke this week?  Mike Bob gets his head out of his arse and Georgia plays a complete game .  I guess Zeke Rozier from Bleckley County would have done just as good, but the Dawgs are going to realize how much Caleb King was missed.

North Carolina(-2) at Rutgers  Staying with my lean here, it is a small line without a lot of chalk. I think UNC wins, and it should win by more than 2 points.  UNC is the best 0-2 team in the country…and they get in the win column.  Tyler Yates has a big day as UNC wins and covers. 

North Carolina State at Georgia Tech (-8) I have been scared of this game.  Tech’s 12:00 noon kickoff will make a usually rowdy, full to capacity Tech crowd more subdued…Russell Wilson will help State put some points on the board, and look for Jon Tenuta’s defensive unit to slow down the Heisman Candidate Joshua Nesbitt…(Kensingtondawg, note the sarcasm). While the Wolfpack may not win, they will cover the 8.

Five Keys For the Dawgs against State

1. Establish control early. This is something that Georgia has not done a good job of in the past two games, giving up early scores to both South Carolina and Arkansas. As a result, early momentum was handed over, and the Bulldogs found themselves in an uphill battle from the start. They cannot afford to do that against Mississippi State, especially given a certain noise in Stark Vegas…the Cowbell

2. Be consistent on offense. As good as the Bulldogs executed in the fourth quarter against Arkansas, they were that lethargic for the first three quarters from an offensive standpoint.

3. Force MSU into mistakes. State’s offense is still trying to find its footing. Georgia must take advantage of this by forcing the Bizzaro Bulldogs into turnovers and mistakes.

4. Establish the run. One of the more disappointing aspects of the Bulldogs’ offense so far this year is its run game that has not been able to get on track. Having Caleb King back in the lineup should help this week, but a strong running game is a must. It eats up clock and keeps State’s offense off the field. More importantly, a time-consuming drive puts the control of the game squarely in UGA’s hands.

5. Negate the big play. If you were at Sanford Stadium a week ago, you no doubt so way too many instances of a big play by Arkansas leading to or being a touchdown. UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham noted after the game that the defense’s progress is stunted with each busted play. To shut down State, the Bulldogs need to minimize defensive mistakes and not give up the big play. If they can do that, it’ll be a good day for the Georgia defense.

Lugnut Dawg