Confidence Vs. Faith

“Right or wrong, black or white, Cross the line you’re gonna pay

In the dawn before the light, Live and die by shades of gray”

 -Robert Earl Keen, Shades of Gray

 I agree Kennsingtondawg, which is something I don’t usually do.

I am just sad. 

I am staunch believer in Mark Richt-without a doubt his biggest supporter on The Grit Tree.

I can live with losses to Arkansas and South Carolina, because they are clearly good teams this year.  But what happened in Starkville Saturday night was just plain terrible.  I can’t begin to describe how bad it was-and I won’t, because you all saw it for yourselves.

There is a difference between “confidence” and “faith”.   If you are confident in something, you have facts to back you up.  There are clear cut reasons for being confident.  Faith, to me, is believing in something that you don’t really have proof in, but you still know it is there. 

I have always had confidence in Mark Richt.  I have had confidence that he can fix the problems this team has been plagued with starting  in 2008.  Mark Richt elevated UGA ( that was a mediocre program for nearly 20 years) into one where expectations of championship are not only expected, but are realistic.  This confidence was reaffirmed when he fired Willie Martinez and brought in Todd Grantham. 

Saturday night I lost my confidence in Mark Richt.  To paraphrase from Lyndon Johnson, “If you’ve lost Corbindawg, you have lost the Bulldog Nation.”

I am not calling for Mark Richt to lose his job.  There are things I want to see this season.  We have a long way to go, but a short time to get there.  I want to see the players still buying in. 

As I said earlier, when faced with adversity, Richt coached teams have prevailed.  Richt said so himself on Sunday, this is the most adversity he has faced on any level of football. 

This is a difficult situation we are faced with in Athens.  To say “Fire Richt” is not an easy thing to say, and anyone who thinks it is easy is being disingenuous.   Mark Richt is a victim of his own success.  You can’t constantly rely on what he has done in the past, but you can’t ignore it either.  If this were, say Jim Donnan, the decision to fire him would be easy.  But Richt has done A LOT for this program.  To just be willing to kick him to the curb is not easy.

Yes, the program has hit a new low, a low we haven’t hit in nearly 20 years.  The last 3 seasons have been very disappointing.  But don’t forget the 3 SEC Championship game appearances in 4 years.  The finishes of #2 and #3.  He has a proven track record and is a proven winner on high levels.  This is not a bad coach we are dealing with here.  This is one of the most successful coaches in the country who is struggling right now. 

There are shades of gray with him…it is not as clear cut as people want to think. 

What I am left with is faith…blind faith perhaps.  After seeing what happened in Starkville Saturday night, I don’t have confidence anymore.

I need proof again.  I need something for my faith to build on to become confidence.  And it is more than just wins and losses.  I need to see more soon, or even I will no longer be a believer. 



2 Responses to “Confidence Vs. Faith”

  1. 1 BuyPropertyUcheeDawg September 27, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Could not agree with you more completely

    I think you held on too long with Willie (5 years too long to be exact) but we can’t ignore what CMR has done over his tenure.

    The real question is will he put his loyalty and stubbornness aside in time to get rid of the incompetence he surrounds himself with before it’s too late?

    I don’t believe McGarity will give Richt the same amount of time to attempt to fix our offensive problems as red panties did to get rid of Willie.

  2. 2 Dawgfan17 September 28, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    The thing that makes it so hard is that if you look at history even our beloved Dooley went through stretches like this (even in 1979 the year before the year of the DAWG). At one time fans were clamoring for Erk to go. They obviously turned it around and are two of the most beloved Dawgs ever now. However that happened at a different time. The SEC is tougher than it ever has been and with 5 titles in 7 years and 4 in a row fans are rightfully beggining to look around and ask are we still year in and year out one of the top teams in the SEC and can we expect to be a 10+ team year after year as Richt took us to heights not seen since the early 80s. Richt built up a lot of good will in his first 5 seasons in Athens, his last 2+ have started to slowly erase that and it seems to be snowballing downhill. Turn it around get to 8-9 wins this year and 10+ next year and all will be well, fail to do that and I would hate to say it but I don’t think McGarity could allow the football program to fall any further behind the elite of the SEC.

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