Five Keys For the Dawgs against State

1. Establish control early. This is something that Georgia has not done a good job of in the past two games, giving up early scores to both South Carolina and Arkansas. As a result, early momentum was handed over, and the Bulldogs found themselves in an uphill battle from the start. They cannot afford to do that against Mississippi State, especially given a certain noise in Stark Vegas…the Cowbell

2. Be consistent on offense. As good as the Bulldogs executed in the fourth quarter against Arkansas, they were that lethargic for the first three quarters from an offensive standpoint.

3. Force MSU into mistakes. State’s offense is still trying to find its footing. Georgia must take advantage of this by forcing the Bizzaro Bulldogs into turnovers and mistakes.

4. Establish the run. One of the more disappointing aspects of the Bulldogs’ offense so far this year is its run game that has not been able to get on track. Having Caleb King back in the lineup should help this week, but a strong running game is a must. It eats up clock and keeps State’s offense off the field. More importantly, a time-consuming drive puts the control of the game squarely in UGA’s hands.

5. Negate the big play. If you were at Sanford Stadium a week ago, you no doubt so way too many instances of a big play by Arkansas leading to or being a touchdown. UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham noted after the game that the defense’s progress is stunted with each busted play. To shut down State, the Bulldogs need to minimize defensive mistakes and not give up the big play. If they can do that, it’ll be a good day for the Georgia defense.

Lugnut Dawg

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