If UGA Had Won the SEC Championship, This Would Not Have Happened

If UGA had won an SEC Championship during AJ Green’s tenure, then he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for something so dumb, petty and ticky tack breaking an NCAA rule.

When the players in 2003 got in trouble for hawking their 2002 SEC Championship Rings, this rule was ironically enough put into place.  This current group of Bulldogs doesn’t know what it is like to win a Championship-due to Mark Richt being a horrible coach, of course.

I am sure, had UGA won the SEC, Coach Richt would have been like “Guys, look, don’t sell your rings.”  But who in their right mind would think to say “Hey guys, don’t sell your stuff from the Advocare  V1000 Independence Bowl.”  More importantly, who would want to buy something from the Advocare V1000 Independence Bowl?  What the hell is Advocare V1000?

Forget blaming the NCAA for having STUPID rules.  Forget about blaming the NCAA for too harshly enforcing said stupid rule.  Forget blaming AJ Green for breaking the stupid rule.  Forget blaming Mark Richt for running a rouge program. 

Blame the person who purchased the jersey.  It won’t come out in the papers…but I have a source (the same source that Dean Legge and Chuck Oliver have) that told me who bought the jersey:

Kris Durham. 

Yes, Kris Durham.  Coming off injury, he was expected to play opposite A.J. Green.  But Kris has been in the program since 2006, and though he has been a quality reciever, he has not really made much of an impact.   This was his year to shine.  But he knew A.J. Green would get the best routes and the most passes.  Kris student taught this past year while nursing his shoulder injury; he has gotten a taste of what dealing with smartass kids is like.  He has gotten a taste of the real world. 

So Kris decided to up his chances-which are slimmer than he is-of playing in “the league”.  The only way is to have a breakout,  dominating season (like he did in my NCAA video game) was no A.J. Green.    He would slide up the depth chart and normally take the throws that were meant for A.J. Green.

Somehow, skirting NCAA rules, got his agent license, bought the jersey, thus rendering A.J. Green ineligable for the crucial games in the early part of the season. 

He did once go to a school whose mascot was the Yellow Jacket…I wouldn’t put this past him. 


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