Christmas in July

Thanks for the welcome y’all! Hope to shoot some of my thoughts from campus as much as I can.

When Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals came to Atlanta a few weeks back, the ole AJC got into “Stras-mas” spirit.  ESPN was celebrating it every 5 days too…that is until he lost a game. I know baseball sustains us until the Fall, but the real holiday comes on the day of the first kickoff.  As we get older, the closest thing to waking up on Christmas morning as a kid might just possibly be the first Saturday in September.  We start playing Redcoat music a month out. We wake up before my phone alarm goes off.  The theme to GameDay brings up emotions that rival  those from Jingle Bells.  And if we’re at home, we might even spend all day in our pajamas.

One thing that does remind me about Christmas: wish lists. Not all lists are alike, but its always worth making one.

Now I know all of our lists would probably begin with National Champs, AJ winning the Heisman, hanging 50 on the board in Jax, Munson making a comeback, and hoping Herbstreit goes on Dancing With The Stars so-his-dreams-could-be-crushed-and-he-would-look that-much-more like-a-pansy…but I’m more about Fall Saturdays in Athens. Saturdays in Athens make the home losses bearable and the wins that much sweeter.

So here goes, my wish list — Christmas in July style:.

No more black helmets. Period. I wouldn’t mind bring the Red britches back for away games though. If Herschel can, anyone can.

All expenses paid trip to Boulder. It’s on my to-do list for the Fall. At least it is worth asking for.

Teach ’em young. This starts at Orientation…but the Orientation Leaders should make incoming freshmen know the words to “Hail to Georgia Down in Dixie.” (aka the real fight song–the one the Redcoats play after every FG). For someone that lived close to Athens growing up, learning to “call the dawgs” and Orientation was an awkward waste of my time.

– Practice. I don’t care where: In Sanford, the Steg, Myers Quad, Reed Quad, etc. There should be a pep rally of sorts the night before every home game. See….Midnight Yell.

– Make the entire stadium first come first serve. If the people want their seats, the AA can just charge more for their “reservations,” much like the red seats are already there.  Everything else should be fair game. It works like magic in High School.

-No more “SeatExchange.Com” advertisements during games. You know what I’m taking about. The bright green ads on the little LED boards. They’re terrible. The first time I saw it, I thought it said “”. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.

– Two words: open tryouts. Over the past two years, the mic man has been irrelevant. And the mic “girl” experiment failed miserably. What better way to spice it up than to have a campus-wide open tryouts each week? No physical requirements necessary, just the ability to pump a crowd/the student section up (because without it, there is no noise). I can just imagine 5’5 300 pound, semi-obliterated 5th year on a mic during the game. RIPPPPPPP ‘EM UP, TEAR ‘EM UP.

Encore showing of the Damon Evans DUI “You Drink and Drive, You lose” video. What better way for the message to get across?

– Add a little more post-game tradition. I know we have the chapel bell, but I’m talking about right after the game, after the post game prayer.  Coach Richt often comes over to the student section after a big victory…but what if that happened every game? And what if the entire team came? All it would take is one game, the entire team in the student corner, and the Redcoats blasting the sweetness that is the theme to “Tara”.

-Change the location of the trumpet solo. My idea? Right underneath the National Championship flags in the Upper Deck, West Endzone.

– More crunk Redcoats. If we’re not gonna be super traditional (Ohio State), might as well get crunk.

Exhibit A — LSU:

Exhibit B — BC

More student seats. The last number I saw stated that a little over 10,000 students receive tickets for a game. And thats with enrollment at 35,000 + and a stadium of 92,746. More students = more noise = better game environment. I’m sure this has been drilled into the AA’s head, but stating one more time never hurts.

Now that last one may be a stretch, but miracles do happen on holidays. After all, Santa does wear red and drink Coke, so he must be a Dawg fan.

Merry Christmas!



1 Response to “Christmas in July”

  1. 1 Ryan Scates July 15, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Great stuff, BarnDawg. As for “crunk” bands, it’s hard to beat LSU as long as you aren’t talking about HBCU’s. The Golden Band from Tigerland brings the noise.

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