The Damon Evans Situation Could Have Been Worse; Time to Move On

I have been out on vacation to lovely Destin, FL since Thursday afternoon.  I have been able to read a lot about Damon Evans-Red Pantygate, but haven’t been able to comment on it myself.

You know none of us are perfect.  We all screw up and deserve a chance for redemption, if we truly want to get better.  A DUI is bad, but it can be overcome.  A mistress is bad, but can be overcome.  Politicians, movie stars and other public figures have very public falls from grace.  But the  rule is, generally, if they are likable to begin with, a simple apology will erase a lot of bad.  There some extreme cases.  See John Edwards screwing around his dying wife.  See Mark Stanford, who lied about it.  If folks just come clean, they can sway the jury their way in the court of public opinion.  I had no beef with Damon Evans before July 1, 2010. If he had screwed up in a minor way and genuinley apologized,  things would have been different.    

However, a DUI plus another women, combined with his behavior at the scene of the crime, is just too much.  Knowing full well what he did, Damon should have been a man and resigned.  He needed to go on Thursday.   When the police report came out, it was evident to everyone, probably Damon Evans himself, he needed to leave.

I have to agree with Senator Blutarsky about the absurdness of Mark Bradley.  We’ve said for a long time that Mark Bradley is just an attention whore who wants to rile up the local fan bases for more hits.  Someone has to do it since Terrance More left us.

Damon’s DUI is bad.  But come on.  It doesn’t affect my diploma hung proudly in my office, or my UGA memorabilia displayed in my office or house. My ceramic Bulldog won’t be taken off my stoop because of this. 

Is a degree from the Terry College of business any less prestigious now than it was before George  Zinkhan killed two people in cold blood?  My English 1001 instructor was charged with, and plead guilty to, child pornography.  Is an English degree any more worthless than it already is because an English professor had child porn? 

I don’t know, but maybe folks like Mark Bradley and Dennis Dodd think that DUI is worse than cold blooded first degree murder and child porno. 

This sucks.  It sucks that Damon threw away a dream job over something so stupid.  It sucks for his family.  It sucks for the University of Georgia.  But UGA will bounce back.  Damon’s career will probably rebound somewhere.  He’s only 40.  His family can’t be so easily fixed.

I also must concur with T. Kyle King.  I am not a Michael Adams fan.  I think he is a snake in the grass.  People may want to credit him with the rise in the University of Georgia’s prominence, but that has more to do with the HOPE Scholarship than Mike Adams.  He is practically universally hated, from instructors, students, alumni and politicians.  HOWEVER, he has handled this situation very well.  He acted as quickly as possible considering it was a holiday weekend.  President Adams has said the right things, and we have ended the national embarrassment of this quickly and painlessly as possible.

Even a blind squirrel can find a nut. 


1 Response to “The Damon Evans Situation Could Have Been Worse; Time to Move On”

  1. 1 jw July 7, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I think most of the rational Bulldog nation shares your sentiments, at least I do! On all points! Toy Cops at UGA TOO!

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