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Hunter Long is #13

UGA received committment #13 late last night from Briarcrest Christian School’s (Memphis TN)  Hunter Long. 

Hunter is the younger brother of current Bulldog redshirt freshman Austin Long.  It was speculated by some recruiting analyst that UGA may not  have been able to offer Hunter Long, because the Bulldogs already have a committment from Wesleyan High Guard David Andrews.  However, Long’s ability was too much to pass up. 

Georgia now has 13 committments for 2011 recruiting class in what should easily be a top 10 class nationally for the Dawgs.




Great performance by John Isner.  We should all be proud.

Go Dawgs! Go America!

John Isner Making History

I always like to watch Wimbeldon around the 4th of July.  

Former UGA great John Isner is currnetly in a historic match with France’s Nicolas Mahut.  This marathon match has lasted 9 and half hours!  If you are looking for something to get you by the last hour of work, check it out at

John Isner has had a successful pro tennis career so far.  He is getting some great spotlight on the grandest tennis stage of them all! 

UPDATE:: The match was suspended due to its almost bed time.  Play will be resumed tomorrow, tied up at 59-59.

Let’s hope he can fare better than this guy against the French…

Let’s show that thin pancake loving pansy how us Americans play tennis!

 Go Dawgs!


The Front Porch Song

We here at TGT are Robert Earl Keen fans.  As Ucheedawg commented in today’s Lewis Grizzard Wednesday, the column made us think of the Keen song, The Front Porch Song. 

So, for any Keen fans out there, enjoy…

Scheduling Rumors

Since this is the internet and obviously you can spread any rumor just hoping it comes true, there is talk of Texas negotiating a home and home with Georgia.  I’ll believe it when reports it.

Looking ahead to our future schedule, 2012 is a longshot because we play Louisville on the road and pick up Alabama in our rotation.  2013-2014 have home and home’s with Clemson and 2015-2016 have home and home’s with Oregon.  That leaves the 2017-2018 seasons as the earliest open spot on our schedule and by then Texas will have left the UT/OU plus 8 conference for greener pastures.  I would love to see this happen but wouldn’t recommend anyone to hold their breath just yet.

Lewis Grizzard Wednesday:: Front Porch

Watching the World From My Front Porch

I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on my front porch lately. I do this late in the evenings after the intense summer heat has subsided.

I supposed there are two primary reasons. One is, television just gets more rotten by the day. I’ve got 50 channels but I still have trouble finding anything worth watching. I’m even tired of the Spice Channel. The plots never change.

I also come from a long line of front-porch sitters, and before air-conditioning and television, that’s the way a lot of people used to spend their evenings. I did that with my own family when I was growing up. My grandfather and I used to count cars and listen for trains.

I’ve been sitting on my front porch with my dog Catfish, the black Lab. I count BMWs. He growls when Volvos come by. I live on a nice street and I have a nice front porch. I have a swing and two rocking chairs. I sit in one of the rocking chairs. The swing is a little hard on what is left of my rear. Where do men’s butts go when they get older?

One thing I have noticed is there are a lot of other people, at least in my neighborhood, who aren’t sitting inside watching television in the evenings, either. They aren’t sitting on their porches, however. They are out engaging in some sort of exercise.

There aren’t just joggers anymore. A lot of bicycle riders come by my house while Catfish and I are on the porch. They wear helmets and tight pants and race past in large packs. The other evening, maybe 15 came by in a blur. Three minutes later a lone cyclist raced past, trying to catch up with the others. “He reminds me of the last horse I bet on,” I said to Catfish.

I get a lot of people out walking their dogs. A man comes by walking a dog that looks like a rat. The man sort of looks like a rat, too. They say people often begin resembling their pets after a time. Catfish and I have been together for over a decade, but my ears don’t seem any longer.

There’s another group that comes by my house that is exercising in a manner to which I am not familiar. They aren’t jogging, but they aren’t simply strolling, either. They are walking very fast and slinging their arms back and forth.

“That’s power walking,” somebody told me. “It’s not as hard on your knees as jogging.”

It looks like prissing to me, but I’m nearly 50 and don’t own a Nordic Trac.

It once was the custom to speak pleasantly to anybody who happened to come past while one was sitting on one’s porch. I wondered how that would play in a large American city in the ’90s.

So one night whenever the joggers, power walkers or dog walkers would come by (the roller skaters and cyclists were going too fast,) I would call out, “Good evening.” Amazing. To a person, each called back, “Good evening.” I must have said “Good Evening” twenty times, and not once did anybody ignore my attempt to be pleasant. That made me feel awfully good. Made me feel good about myself, my neighbors and my region.

We may even take up front porch sitting full time, me and ol’ Catfish. He said he though the power walkers looked like they were prissing, too, by the way. We don’t look alike, but I guess we’re starting to think alike as we enter our rocking chair years.

Godspeed, David Hale

We heard the rumor last week, but as the interwebs go, we wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. 

We are disappointed to hear that David Hale is leaving us for greener pastures another opportunity.  Delaware and covering the Phillies?  To each their own, I guess (just kidding). 

I thought when David started a couple years ago, it would be hard to top the phenomenial work of his predecessor on the UGA beat, David Ching.  David has far surpassed the work of Ching. 

The thing I like the most about David Hale’s blog is its objectivity.  We are UGA fans.  We are passionate about the Dawgs.  David is not.  He can look at situations through normal glasses, not Red and Black colored ones.   When he has been critical, it has been deserved.  When he has been level headed, it has been with casue, too.

I also started watching LOST because of David Hale.  I caught up on Hulu in time for the Finale. 

From everyone at The Grit Tree, congratulations and good luck!

The Grit Tree