Well, That Did Not Take Long

Mark Bradley doesn’t have an ally on The Grit Tree.  He did finally make some sense regarding Coach Richt’s hot seat situation, although not as much sense as Mr. College football

The guy is back up to his usual, old ways.  He proclaims that Paul Johnson will never be on the hot seat while coaching Georgia Tech

The column is the typical column  that we have all come to love about  a Mark Bradley piece.

Paul Johnson is a one heck of a coach.  I knew Tech would beat UGA pretty soon after Coach Johnson was hired.

Tech won the ACC last season.  Yes, he does have a 3 point victory over a Georgia team that, to paraphrase from Mike Leach, spent too much time reading press clippings about how good they were.   But he hasn’t earned immunity from criticism yet.

I predict Georgia Tech’s win-loss record will look more like a Chan Gailey team next season.  They have the same issues Georgia is going to have on defense with a new scheme and personnel. 

Offensie depth is an issue:  they lost Bay-Bay and Dwyer.  You think Georgia is thin at Quarterback depth?  With the transfer of Jaybo Shaw to Georgia Southern, coupled with the hits the QB takes in that offense, and the fact that Nesbitt was pretty banged up at the end of last season, shouldn’ t leave the fans on North Avenue optimistic for a repeat of last year’s Championship.

As good as Paul Johnson has been in his first two years, Mark Richt was better.  I predict that through 10 years, Mark Richt will be better than Paul Johnson.  

If someone said 4 years ago that Coach Richt would be on any type of hot seat now, they’d be nuts (of course, when people say it now I think they are nuts).   If someone said that Les Miles would be on the “hot seat”, two seasons after winning a National Championship, they’d be nuts.  And I will gurantee you, if Urban Meyer goes 7-5 the next two years, his seat will start to get a little warm, too.  

That’s the nature of the business, right or wrong.  Tech’s fans are delusional, more so than Georgia fans.  They feel entitled to be on the same level as Georgia, when they are clearly not. 

8-5 and beating Tech was a disappointing year for the Dawgs.

8-5 and beating Georiga would be a successful year for Tech. 

George O’Leary was not much better than Chan Gailey.  With a few execptions, Tech was still a perennial 4 loss team under O’Leary.    The difference between Gailey and O’Leary is O’Leary beat Georgia.  If Paul Johnson doesn’t beat Georgia regularly, no amount of ass kissing from Mark Bradley will keep his “seat” from getting warm. 


3 Responses to “Well, That Did Not Take Long”

  1. 1 DawgManFoLife! June 4, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Tech won’t even win 4 games this year! They’re terrible with their stupid high school offense that doesn’t work against real teams. What a bunch of losers. Paul Johnson couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. Unlike Mark Richt who is KING! Who else here thinks we got a pretty good shot at a national title this year? I really like our team and think we could go undefeated. I also think we’ll beat the NERDS by 40!

  2. 2 NorthGADawg June 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I’m thinking “DawgManFoLife!” might be onto something here. We got the talent and the coaching. Who’s to say we don’t win it all this year? Aaron Murray was a beast in highschool. We’ll definitely kill Florida with Teabag there.

  3. 3 S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation June 4, 2010 at 1:51 pm


    As much as I’d like to jump on that Undefeaded NC wagon with you…I’m not ready to do that. There are just too many questions with this team. I do beleave that the schedule is set up for that type of run…with the team from two years ago!

    This year, I just don’t know how Murray’s going to handle the speed of the game, how the D’s going to take to the new scheme/coaching, and on top of that…there are still the usual suspects that we have to go through for that to happen. SC, AR, MSU, UF, and AU are the games that I’m the most nervous about, but you just never know about any of them. But, I do believe that this staff has a new found desire to take care of the little things that if overlooked will come up and bite you in the rear. We shall see very early into the season how things begin to shape up….personally I too do believe that it is 100% possible to run that mine field unscaved, but unfortunately I also believe that it’s unlikely…regardless it will be very exciting and another year where I’ll be proud to bleed red and black! How bout them Dawgs!

    GO DAWGS!!

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