The Flawed Morality of ESPN, Pt. II

I have chronicaled the flawed morality compass of the World Wide Leader before. 

Here they go again, and it really grinds my gears… 

Last night, I turned ESPN over to the end of the Celtics-Magic game.  I don’t typically follow the NBA, but its the playoffs and the Braves had the day off. 

I hear Jeff Van Gundy, brother of Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, providing color commentary.

So, how come Herbie can’t do his picks with Corso on the games he is calling later that evening, but Jeff Van Gundy is expected to provide objective commentary and anaylsis for a team his brother is coaching?


PS: This is not a knock on Jeff Van Gundy.  I am not saying he isn’t objective, and the few times I’ve heard him I think he does a good job.  But it’s the principle. 

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