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Logan Gray- You Can’t Leave Us Now, Not Like This

Yesterday afternoon, I thought granitedawg was playing a cruel joke when he told me that Logan Gray may leave UGA. I dismissed him immediately and turned the conversation elsewhere. However, I checked into it later on and saw that this was in fact the rumor. Sorry granite.

Right now, this is merely speculation. However, if there is some substance to the rumor, this would be detrimental in the worst way to UGA football.

Aaron Murray will be the starting QB this fall, we know that. If all goes well and Aaron comes in on his white horse and is our savior, then that’s great! If he is protected by an experienced offensive line, wonderful! If he doesn’t make a bad decision to dive for a first down and have his shoulder knocked out of socket, perfect! But, the fact of the matter is this: Aaron Murray will be a freshman QB with no field experience, and in the violent game that is football, there is a reasonable chance that he will not go unscathed for an entire year.

Yes, I’m planning for the worst, but don’t you have to?

So, let’s say that Aaron Murray does not get hurt and is the magical fix that we members of Bulldog Nation are praying for. Logan Gray transferring is no big deal, right? But what if? What if Aaron Murray gets hurt? What if he wrecks his scooter? What if he slips walking into the SLC and sprains an ankle? Where would we turn? Hutson Mason? Surely not. But what would the other option be?

After looking into this a bit more, I talked with granite again and made the observation that if, at this point, Gray did transfer, and Murray did get hurt, then Washaun Ealey would be a better replacement at QB than Hutson Mason. Ok, that was in jest, but has Mason even turned 18 years old yet?

Looking ahead to next year, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if Gray transfers. I truly believe that UGA will land either Lamay or Marshall, each of whom has the talent to start in their second year in the program. I think that they would both immediately battle Mason for the #2 spot on the depth chart (this is a MAJOR reach, so please don’t hold me to the fire, I’m just looking at rankings, athletic ability, etc.; I know Mason is a pretty decent QB with some upside).

For the present though, we need Logan Gray to stay with UGA. Even if it’s to move to receiver, we need him to stay. You’ve got to have a backup QB with some type of experience. If UGA has any chance of winning the East, it will be with Murray or Gray at the helm. I just don’t think we could do it with Mason playing QB.

So, to wrap this up, hopefully Gray’s meeting with CMR today is to talk about a position swap. Or if it’s not, hopefully CMR will be able to convince Logan to stay with UGA. Bottom line is: We need Logan Gray to wear Red and Black this fall.



Disturbing News Story from Atlanta

I chronicled the ineptitude of the Macon police department while  busting a house of ill repute (or in Macon’s case, message parlor of ill repute).

Apparently, things are no better in the ATL.

Four college students were kidnapped, put in a trunk, called 911 from a cell phone…and put on hold.

I don’t know what is more alarming: 911 put the callers on hold or that the alleged kidnapper was 17 years old.  And his accomplice is even younger

Wow.  The Braves offense isn’t the worst thing in Atlanta. 


Braves Review and Preview

Well, dern.

That was about as bad a week of baseball as a Braves fan could ask for. 

A week that started out with such excitement and promise ended with such despair.  I bet if you took a pulse of the Braves Nation Wednesday morning and this morning, the readings would be a complete 180.

Tuesday night, we saw 3 home runs in the last 4 at bats to seal a walk off victory against the rival Phillies. With Roy Halladay coming to town, we stole a victory and found some much needed power.  The team even pulled a pretty funny prank on hero Nate McLouth. 

Then Wednesday came.  The Doc’s prognosis was worse than I thought.

After being shut out for 8 innings on Tuesday, Roy Halladay shut the Braves down for a complete game on Wednesday.  Thursday the woes didn’t get any better, as Derek Lowe’s lack of control finally caught up with him.  The Braves didn’t get an earned run off Phillies’ starting pitching.

But that’s ok.  The Phillies are good, and I predicted we would go 1-2.  As the loss against the Padres showed us, no matter how ugly a loss is, it is just a loss in a 162 game season. We could go and take a series against New York.

 Oh boy.  You had good outings from Kawakami, Jurrjens and Hanson this weekend that were wasted.  Last night, the game was mercifully called due to rain.  The Mets held on to a 1-0 lead in the sixth inning, so the game was just called.  Now, I think a 1 run lead in the sixth is hardly over, but honestly how can you be mad?  What have we seen in the last week to make you think (and the umpires think) the Braves would score a run?

They are beating themselves.  It makes you wonder how bad they want to win.  I am being serious.  4 errors Friday night, including an infield fly error.  Escobar’s bone headed base running mistake (and I won’t even mention the bleach blond headed punk gingerly running out a grounder), and last night continued errors.  If the Braves are going to screw around like that, they don’t deserve to win.  It physically pained me to watch the Mets series.  Imagine how it must make Bobby feel.  

Ok, I will mention Escobar.  Look at Jose Reyes last night and his hustle.  He scored from Second Base due to alert base running and hustle.  Escobar can’t even run out a grounder, or tag up and score from 90 feet away. 

Chipper is hurt…again

However, we are barely just over 10% through the baseball season, so it is still ridiculously early.  But remember what happened last year.  The Braves were one of the best teams in baseball the second half, but couldn’t overcome a poor first half.  So there is time to correct the glaring obvious problem-the poor offense.  With the Phillies being so dominate, we are reliant on the one Wild Card spot.  The Braves can’t afford to get in an early hole that be overcome.

However, this was a problem that was glaring and obvious last October, right? Am I mistaken, but isn’t that what the offseason is for?

Before you think I am being a Negative Nancy, check out these post by Dave O’Brien.  The offense sucks.  The leadoff batters can’t get on base.

Now, the Braves go to St. Louis.  At best we should hope to split this series.  We then get a reprieve at home against the equally poor Astros, but then have to play the Nationals and Phillies on the road next week. 

If I said it once, I’ll say it a million times.  I think the Braves could haves something special here.  I do.  I think if they can make it to playoffs, they could be a real dangerous team. 

But somebody other than Jason Heyward has to step up.  While Heyward is outstanding, he is still only a 20 year old rookie.  He can’t be expected to carry this ballclub on his back as he had done so far this season. 

Hudson is going tonight, so perhaps he can stop the bleeding. 

Go Braves!


Christian LeMay Close to Becoming a Dawg!

Mike Farrell with is reporting (subscription required) that Matthews NC QB Christian LeMay is a heavy lean to UGA.  If LeMay does indeed commit to UGA this would be a major coup for a program that has hit a little snag on the recruiting front.  LeMay is a higher character kid as his father is the former chaplain for the University of Florida football team.

Many who view this board will know that I have actively promoted QB Nick Marshall from Wilcox County.  However, LeMay right now is much more polished with his mechanics and is much more ready to play the position on the collegiate level.   I have linked some highlights of LeMay as well as documentary that ESPN did on him.

LeMay  Highlights

ESPN LeMay Documentary Part #1

ESPN LeMay Documentary Part #2


More Expansion

Tony Barnhartt takes a wild ride on the expansion train. He’s all over the place with this one, but in the crazy world that is college football, who knows?

I don’t see any way that only the SEC and Big 10 expand, while everyone else stays small. It’s either 4-6 “mega-conferences” or everyone stays similar to where they are now. The more we discuss this, the more I just want things to stay the way they are. College football is a good product, and at this point change may become more detrimental than anything. But from the other side of my mouth, his idea about how the SEC would be aligned would be a lot of fun. Of course, it would also be a lot of headache/heartache every year. I’m not sure this poor mind could handle it.

A good read regardless if you are looking for material outside of the Draft this beautiful Friday.


How Big A Loss Was It?

We’ve largely stayed away from the Mettenberger situation here, hoping that more details would come. I’ll continue to stay away from the speculation on why things went down the way they did, but will share a few thoughts on the QB situation.

First, I think it is a blow to the team that we lost ZM, but not a tremendous one by any means. I was never fully in the ZM or AM camp. I thought that either one of them would be good, with the potential to be great. That said, if I were choosing from a catalog, Aaron Murray has more of the characteristics I am looking for than Zach did. Further, I think Logan Gray will be a very good backup QB, and I think that he is probably resigned by now to thinking that this will be his role for the Dawgs.

I think when it was said and done, ZM was going to eventually find his way to another program anyway. I speculate that AM was going to win the QB job, and barring a major injury or off-field trouble, the job was going to be his for 3-4 years.

The QB Depth Chart looks pretty good for our Bulldogs. We have a highly touted RS Freshman listed as 1, a smart and athletic backup, and a competent Freshman at 3. I don’t think losing ZM will affect us that much in that regard.

Where do we go from here? Aaron Murray probably feels like this is now his team, and that’s a good thing. I think we’ll see him get the majority of the snaps from here on out, and he should be ready to roll come September.

It’s hard to say that I feel sorry for Zach, because he obviously made the choices himself. I do wish that he had made better decisions, but you reap what you sow sometimes, and QB’s, whether in the NFL, College, or HS are treated differently than others. That is good when things are going well, but you are looked at under a much stronger microscope. I wish Zach well, but I am not disappointed that he is gone.

All that said, Aaron Murray has not cemented his name as starter yet. Logan Gray can still win the position, and if he does, I’ll be fine with that. I think he’s got a tough road in front of him to take it from Murray, but it’s not impossible. I do think that Murray is closer to what CMR and CMB want in a QB, and that gives him the biggest leg up.

On the rest of the depth chart, we look pretty stacked on Offense. It’s no secret that we have a lot of talent and experience at all remaining positions on O, and that will really make AM’s job much more manageable. Defense will continue to be a guessing game with the new scheme that CTG has brought in, so it’s hard to speculate much there. I do think that we will be much, much better on D this year, especially in the Secondary. There is reason to be excited.

With the lack of other things to talk about, I’m sure Dawg Nation will continue to dwell on the Mettenberger situation for a few weeks, but in the end, it is probably for the best. It’s time to move on and rally behind Murray at this point.

Go Dawgs!


A Working Marriage?

One of the most intriguing stories from last night’s draft was Denver reaching up to take Tebow. Personally, I like this move by them. I’m not a Denver fan, and I’m certainly not a Tebow fan, but unlike everyone else in America, I think Tebow will make a pretty good NFL QB.

What intrigues me the most is that now you have arguably 2 of the best players from the SEC in the last 4-5 years playing together in the same backfield. How will this marriage between Knowshon and Tebow work? It could be a pretty nice mix for the Mile High Horses.

Let’s face it: Denver didn’t get Tebow in the 1st Round with the idea of Brady Quinn being their future QB. They have plans for Tebow to come in and play. And it could work.

The sweetest irony of this? Denver opens up at Jacksonville this year. It will probably be disgusting. I just hope Tebow isn’t the starter yet.

And on a closing note, if there’s one QB I dislike more than Tebow, it’s Jimmy Clausen, so seeing him not drafted in the 1st Round really made my evening. The talking heads really have no clue about this guy in my honest opinion. Anybody would look great against the cupcakes ND plays. Who would you take, Mr. SEC or a cocky QB from a team who plays no one? The owners and coaches in the NFL got that one right.