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Thoughts on AJ the Return Man

The Dawgs are going to have manageable depth at receiver next season, but it can’t afford a major injury to a key contributor.

To say A.J. Green is a key contributor is the understatement of the day.

I commend A.J. wanting to contribute in any way possible, especially since returning punts will do nothing to help his already high draft stock.  He is not like a Percy Harvin or Reggie Bush hybrid- type player where his appeal is being able to be used in a variety of positions. He is a 6’5″ possession receiver.    

And I think the best players should be on the field (Rambo) as much as possible.  Green, however, is a major part of our offense no matter how much we run the ball. And unlike Knowshon in 2008, Green’s body is not built to take those added hits in the return game.  I don’t think A.J. Is injury prone as some have speculated, but I’m not wanting to take any added chances either.

I remember Fred Gibson got hurt returning a kickoff in 2003 and missed several games, notably the September game against LSU. Imagine our chances against the Tigers if we had Gibson (Dawgs lost a close one against the eventual National Champs and only scored 1 TD).  Green is far and away a more important player than Gibson was.

There are a lot of other athletes who could be a better option other than Green or Logan Gray.  If you want to utilize A.J.’s skill in the open field, throw him some more screen passes.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday- Who’s Ready For Teddy?

We asked earlier in the week how Lewis would respond to the new healthcare bill.  He wasn’t a fan of Ted Kennedy, and I can bet he wouldn’t be a fan of Obamacare. Enjoy.

Who’s Ready for Teddy?

There was one big headline after another recently concerning Ted Kennedy’s entry into the 1980 presidental race. Some of the news was earth shattering.

  •  First, Teddy’s mom said it was OK for him to run.
  • Second, Teddy’s wife said if he got elected she would go live with him in the White House.  I thought that was big of her. 
  • Third, Teddy allegedly thinks of President Carter as a “political cripple” and told Carter he’d be smart to go beat a rabbit in the head and leave the presidenting to him.
  • Fourth, everybody involved said that was a bunch of “horse manure.” 
  • Fifth, President Carter’s mom, Miss Lillian, got into the act, too.  She said that if Teddy runs she hopes “nothing happens to him.” 

According to news reports, Miss Lillians’s statement, made at a chicken barbeque in New Hampshire, sent a shock wave through the Democratic party. 

Jerry Brown was there.  He was shocked.  State Democratic chairman Romeo Dorval was there.  He was shocked, too.  So were Kennedy backers in the audience. 

They were so shocked, they booed Miss Lillian (who is eighty-one).  I wasn’t shocked.  I happen to think that if you are eighty-one, you can say anything you damn well please, especially if your son is the president and you’ve been on “The Johnny Carson Show” a couple of times. 

There has always been something about Teddy Kennedy that bothered me, but I could never quite put my finger on it.

Now I know what it is.  It is not Teddy who bothers me so much; it is the people who think he would be a good president. 

They really don’t know why Teddy Kennedy would make a good president, and they boo little old eighty-one-year ladies. 

“Why do you think he would make a good president?” I have asked a number of draft-Kennedyites recently. 

“Because,” begins with the usual reply, “he, uh well…”

“He, uh LOOKS like a president.”

I have heard that, uh, brilliant line of political thinking before.   That’s how Henry Fonda got the part in Fail Safe, but, unfortunately, we aren’t casting a movie here.

So what do you LOOK like when you look like a president. 

I remember a calendar we had in elementary school.  It had the pictures of all the presidents, up through Eisenhower, who had just been elected president.

Ike was bald and looked like he had just knocked his tee shot in the lake at the par-three twelfth at Augusta National. 

Herbert Hoover looked uncomfortable, Abe Lincoln had a big nose, and although you couldn’t tell it by his picture on the calendar, George Washington had bad teeth. 

Teddy Kennedy has long hair, a pleasant smile, and he wears dopey glasses to make himself look more sophisticated.  They said the same thing about Warren G. Harding.

I did find one Kennedy backer willing to list some other qualifications Teddy has to be president.  Relax, this will only take a second:

  • He has a good speaking voice.
  • His mother is a courageous person.
  • He probably learned a lot about running a country from his two brothers. 

Brilliant.  I was sitting here trying to think of a way to end this, and I just thought of it.  What do you say to people when they fumble and stumble you why they think Teddy Kennedy, just another pretty face who got a big break the day he was born, would make a good president?

You say, uh, two little words.

Horse Manure. 

 From Won’t You Come Home Billy Bob Bailey


Lady Dawgs Advance to Sweet Sixteen

Baseball team gets taken behind the barn this weekend.  Mike Adams sent North Campus tailgating to the guillotine.  41-17 to Florida and 34-27 to Kentucky still hurt.  Nancy Pelosi.

There has not been a lot to cheer about lately, but thank goodness for the good ol’ stand-by.

The Lady Dawgs advanced to the Sweet Sixteen against the Buzz Saw known as Stanford. 

There are a few constants in life.  Death, Taxes and when UGA Atheletics need a boost, the Lady Dawgs will deliver.


Go Dawgs!

Update: Ucheedawg already posted something on the Lady Dawgs.  However, since good news is few and far between these days, it probably bears repeating. 

Lady Dawgs March on to Sweet 16

I said last week that I thought the Lady Dawgs had an excellent chance of getting to the Sweet 16, and they did not disappoint! Led by freshman Jasmine James, the Lady Dawgs pulled out an OT win against Oklahoma State and will now move on to play Stanford on Saturday.

I’ll be honest, I watched most of the game, but fell asleep late in regulation when the score was tied 64-64. It was a nice wakeup to see that we’re moving on.

Women’s basketball is slightly different than men’s, to the extent that really not every team can win on a given night. You don’t see many Northern Iowa’s beating Kansas in ladies ball. However, the Lady Dawgs are good enough to pull off the win against Stanford. Nobody can beat UConn, but I don’t think anyone really expects to. I think the biggest goal for all of these teams is to see who gets the chance to play them in the Championship.

I don’t know that the Lady Dawgs will make it that far, but any year you make it to the Sweet 16 is an outstanding year, and we should be proud of our ladies. Good luck vs. Stanford on Saturday, Go Dawgs!


What Would Lewis Say?

Ni Hao (Good afternoon).

After what transpired last night, I think Lewis is probably spinning in his grave.   Imagine what he would say about Nancy Pelosi.  How that woman, who could barely give a coherent speech last night, got elected to her position of power is beyond me.  Anyone who has had that much plastic surgery should not be able tell anyone about healthcare. 

Whether or not you agree with the House of Representative’s vote, your opinions are already firmly entrenched and nothing you will read on a blog about Lewis Grizzard, UGA sports or BBQ is going to change your mind either way.  But I would like to give my two cents worth on this issue, and if you don’t care to hear it, then please stop here.


Lewis had strong opinions against Ted Kennedy, which we will share on Wednesday.  I hold Nancy Pelosi in the same vain as Mr. Kennedy.  Now I am not going to bang on Ted Kennedy, although there is plenty of ammunition.  I don’t like Ted Kennedy or his politics, but I can respect his 40+ years of service to our country.   But every time some elitist Washington politician (like Nancy Pelosi) opens their mouths about healthcare reform, it shows how hypocritical they are.   

I felt sorry of Ted Kennedy a few years ago when seizures led to him having surgery for a brain tumor.  I know very well the devastation a brain tumor can cause someone, and I said a prayer for him and his family.  Ted Kennedy was able to go to the Duke Medical Center and have surgery for his tumor.  He was able to have follow up treatment from the comforts of his own house.  I am sure he was able to afford the best of the best doctors to make his house calls.

Now, I pose this question to the Ted Kennedys and Nancy Pelosis in Congress:  If they have a catastrophic illness, and are able to go across the country for the best treatment with no regard for the cost, how can they possibly decide what is best for someone who makes $50,000 a year? It may be easy for the Kennedys and the Pelosis of the world to accept that healthcare is going to be run like every other bureaucratic government agency, but they can AFFORD to go wherever they want and get the best of the best doctors. 

The world in which the Pelosis and the Kennedys live in is far different from the world you and I live in, brother.  And know what?  That’s ok.  They were born into rich, bootlegging families (couldn’t resist) and they deserve the best of the best.  They have more money than I ever will, ergo are entitled to Duke Medical Center for treatments that not everyone else is able to get.  But I wish they wouldn’t tell me what is best for me when they have no idea what it is like to live in my shoes.

I liken this government run healthcare to the public library system.  Everyone is able to go the government run public library.  You can go and check out the newest John Grisham or Dan Brown book.  Now, a good sized library may only get a few copies of the newest book, so if there is a lot of demand, patrons must put their names on a waiting list.  You can go in anytime and get a book for free.  You may have to wait a while, or the book may be in lesser quality condition.  There may be a ripped cover or a torn out page. 

That works most of the time.  But if you really, really want the newest book and you don’t want to wait, you go to Barnes and Noble.  If you want a book with no ripped pages that is in perfect condition, you go to Barnes and Noble.  If you want a book with a wider range of selections, you go to Barnes and Noble.  You will have to pay a higher premium, but if you can afford the higher cost then it is worth it.

If the government puts Barnes and Noble out of business, or regulations make it so expensive to shop there, and everyone has to rely on the public library to get their books, it will create a log jam. 

Ming tien jian (See You Tomorrow).


Saban Adds Another Award

Coach Saban was the winner of the inaugural Bobby Bowden Award. This should come as no shocker, but it would have been more ironic had Corch Meyers recieved this honor.

I am personally offended that CMR did not win the first BBA though. Besides a few national titles, what has CNS done that CMR hasn’t? (Yes, said in jest) But in all honesty, who better portrays the man Bobby Bowden is and was than Mark Richt? Certainly not Saban, minus the NC’s. Just sayin’.

Maybe when Aaron Murray leads us to a National Championship Coach Richt will get his crack at the Bobby Bowden Award. Or maybe the Laner will get it next year. Now that would be worth blogging about.


Trash is a Cop Out For New Restrictions

PWD and the AJC have reported that the University in all of its infinate wisdom has neutered (and basically eliminated) tailgating on North Campus. 

We here at TGT echoed the sentiments across the blogosphere that people needed to take responsibility and clean up their crap.  It is outrageous how irresponsible some folks can be. 

The only real problem for games was after the South Carolina game.  I remember there was a lot of trash and fuss after the Auburn game in 2005.  

Guess what: SO WHAT?  After most games my sister goes to, we meet for breakfast at the Georgia Center.  Campus is always back to normal or getting there by 11:00 or so.  The Athletic Department can pay for extra hands to pick up trash.  Think about how many folks come to Athens, spend money on food, booze and other grocery items for the tailgates IN ATHENS.  How much does the University make from parking and other fees?  A good bit, since the Athletic Association is one of the most profitable in the nation. 

Think about how many people have jobs becuase of all the people coming to town and tailgating.  If there is trash left behind, and though it may be disgusting, all that trash provides a lot of cash.  There was one game when it was bad this season, and instead of trying and correct the problem reasonably, the University is doing what its objective has been all along: making tailgating “family friendly”. 

Do you think Adams has forgotten about how he was treated after kicking Dooley out?  Mike Adams saw an opportunity to stick it to the demographic that has given him Hell over the last several years and decided to stick it to them some more.

HOWEVER, essentially banning tailgating on that area is not an good option, and not one based with sound logic.  I can understand a lot of the rules, especially the kegs and amplified music.  The time restrictions suck, but if they want to limit how drunk people get then that is a good way to do it.  But no tents?  That is absolutely ABSURD.

You have people making the rules who have no idea what it is like.  Like with our Federal Government.  The Washington Elitist  have no idea what a working man needs really are.  The out of touch politicians are making rules with zero regard to what their constituents want.  They are going to pass through legislation without considering the NEEDS of the ordinary people, but rather the personal WANTS of themselves.

Michael Adams can tailgate all day in his house and then get a  chartered shuttle (from UGA Campus Transit, who pays for that?) to the stadium.  Even if you had no beer or bourbon, you absolutely need a tent.  Those September games get really hot, and I think that no tents is a public safety issue. That is taking it way too far.

And the common answer would be: go somewhere else.  Where?    The Intramural Fields?  Madison County?  It would just compound the problem across campus or to other places.  Then you are going to have the same problems all over that was confined to North Campus.  And yes, 70 tons of trash is a huge problem, but one that can be corrected easily without such drastic measures.

Thank you, President Adams, for sucking a large part of the fun from the events that give UGA great exposure.  Let me tell you, UGA is a great school and you can get a good education there.  But most folks don’t know about the J-School, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Terry.  They know how the football team is doing.  You want to reach a large audience to get people interested in UGA, then having the football team playing and PLAYING WELL is a great thing.  Athens is widely known for its fun atmosphere during the fall. 

To take that away, you are killing the CULTURE of the town and the University as well its charm and appeal to prospective students.  The air feels different in Athens six Saturdays a year.    Any outsider can recognize that. 

But Michael Adams, you can continue to live in your cushy, tax payer funded mansion, have your luxuary suite, get your private charters.  Enjoy it while it last.  I am certain your days are numbered, brother. 


Go Dawgs (and tailgating on South Campus)!

Is it time to abandon recruiting players from Lowndes?

Other than Camden County, the premiere high school football program in the state of Georgia for this decade has been Lowndes. On three separate occasions since 2004, the Vikings have claimed the state title in AAAAA, the state’s largest classification. On two other occasions since 2002, Lowndes lost in the state playoffs to Camden, and many experts believed that in both of those cases, Lowndes had an argument for the second-best team in the state.

So it’s with this success that makes it all the more frustrating for the Bulldawg Nation that with all the elite players coming out of Lowndes, none have ended up signing a letter of intent to play for Georgia.

The AJC noted this a few days ago, but the bigger picture here is that players from one of the state’s top programs have and continue to spurn the state’s flagship university.

Georgia has gone into south Georgia and siezed some quality players recently – Vance Cuff. Darryl Gamble and Bacarri Rambo to name a few. In fact, Mike Gilliard, of Lowndes’ cross-town rival Valdosta wound up in Athens. But perhaps most glaring is not being able to lure players from Lowndes.

Tyler Hunter’s verbal commitment to Florida State should not be seen as a heavy loss since UGA was not showing much interest. But Telvin Smith and Greg Reid landing at FSU, on the other hand should. In the past two years, Reid, Smith and Ed Christian have each wound up in Tallahassee. In the cases of Reid and Smith, especially Smith, Georgia put a heavy late push out to win over a Lowndes standout. Both times, the Seminoles won out. Another Lowndes product, Gerald Demps, is also at FSU.

Just like that, FSU has a pipeline to Lowndes. To win over a player from Lowndes, UGA has an uphill fight.

It battles Florida State being 70 miles or so distance from Lowndes County. Athens? It’s about four hours away. Look, I grew up in that neck of the woods. The drive from South Georgia to Athens can be an exhausting haul.

The Bulldogs battle the comfort level of Lowndes players with Florida State thanks to multiple ones being in Tallahassee – in may as well be a second home. When so many players from one place go to school somewhere, it’s bound to steer their high school teammates that way.

Also, with a handful of Lowndes coaches having coached at Madison County (Fla.), there’s always a chance that Madison’s proximity to the FSU campus (about 30 minutes) has over time created a familiarity between the Lowndes coaching staff and that of Florida State.

A pipeline, a strong one, is in place from Lowndes to Tallahassee. It calls into question how much effort UGA should even put toward recruiting kids at Lowndes since they’re likely to be Seminoles anyway.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

The Growing Legend of the J-Hey Kid

I was (and in my mind, rightfully so) critical of the Braves a couple of weeks ago. 

I am not going to gush to much over what we have seen down in at Disney, but even for a pessimist like myself it has been encouraging. 

J-Hey Fever is coming, whether we like it or not.  

I am still going to curb my enthusiasm about Jason Heyward, and I am not ready to compare Jason Heyward to Hank Aaron.  I think that he is going to be very, VERY good, but there is no way he can keep up this break neck pace over the course of the season.  I don’t want to hype him up too fast. 

But in spite of my negativity, it hard to keep your jaw up when you see him crush balls or  realize that yesterday he finally struck out.  I guess he is human afterall.

Jason Heyward is going to be the starting RF agains the Cubbies on April 5.  If you are going out and are looking for new Braves apparell, check out the J-Hey Kid’s t-shirt. 

If the bats can stay healthy and McClouth can get his head right before the season starts, the line up will be solid.  Couple that our stout pitching and the Braves will be a dangerous team in 2010. 


The Grit Tree’s Final 4 and Winners

Please don’t laugh to loud at these picks…



Georgetown vs. Syracuse, Duke vs. Kentucky

Kentucky vs. Syracuse; Kentucky


Kansas vs. Kansas State, Kentucky vs. Villanova

Kasnas vs. Villanova, Kansas


Kansas vs. Pittsburgh, Villanova vs. Kentucky

Kentucky vs. Kansas, Kentucky

Lugnut Dawg

Kansas vs. Syracuse, Kentucky vs. Duke
Kansas vs. Kentucky, Kansas

Kensingtondawg to follow… 

Half thus far think Kentucky will win it all and they will be singing “One Shining Moment.”  The longer Kentucky is in, it means more we see of her, so that is every reason to pull for the Wildcats: