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Best Line In the Urban Meyer Hissy Fit

“You’re a bad guy, man. You’re a bad guy,” Meyer said. “If that was my son, we’d be going at it right now.”

Um, Urban.   You’re “retired” and your own daughter said she could get her dad back.  Then, the  next day after an emotional practice, you decided that spending time with your team was more important than spending time with your family.  Your family you cared so much about a day earlier didn’t even know you were changing your “retirement” to “leave of absence” that lasted a month.

Apparently Urban cares more for his hypothetical son than his own daughter.

Urban, if that was your son you would NOT be going at it with the reporter.

If I were Jeremy Fowler, I would have had this retort and would have seen what Urbs would have done: “If he were your son, Urban, you would have to actually be home and have some sort of relationship with your family in order to know about a bad man doing your “son” wrong.”

Guess that is why I write a blog and am not a reporter.

Thank goodness for Mark Richt.

Stay classy, Gators.


Go Dawgs!


Weekly BBQ Review- Featuring Special Guest

For various reasons, we have not done a bbq review for the past 2 weeks. We’re back today, with a review from a special guest who shares his experience at a small bbq joint in Dawsonville, GA. This man is a true bbq expert, and quite the story teller. Hope you enjoy!

Hickory Pig BBQ

Hickory Pig BBQ, Gainesville, GA. This place is a “trip”. This Saturday found Debbie and I really struggling on where to strike out to. We’d considered downtown Atlanta where we’d thought about hitting DBA Barbecue, but the Gainesville/Dawsonville area won out. We made our way up 400 and then through beautiful north Hall County where you pass by beautiful homes on horse farm acreage as well as rusty old mobile homes that have little life left in search of Hickory Pig. I’d heard some good reviews on Hickory Pig, but I really didn’t know what to expect. Well, when we got there, it was nothing short of a fun experience.
First, this place aint Jim ‘N Nicks for sure. The hodgepodge of what looks like three small storage buildings stuck together is hardly big enough to seat 10 people at the three tables that look like they were salvaged from Goodwill. This is a joint or a dive in the true sense of the words. You can tell right out the car door that the barbecue is cooked the old fashioned way through indirect smoking with hickory wood. We sort of chuckled when we got into the place and found that you had to fix your own drink with ice out of an ice chest and cokes from the can. We were cordially greeted by Phil and his sidekick “Littlebit”. It didn’t take us long to figure out what we wanted. Deb was going to stay light, so she only ordered slaw and collard greens. I ordered my typical first visit order of a sandwich and Brunswick stew. The orders were out in no time flat. Immediately, Debbie was raving about the greens, and she’s not really typically a big “raver”. They were absolutely melt in your mouth awesome. She detected that the slaw had some form of secret ingredient. We know what it is, but if you can guess the ingredient when you go there, you get your entry free! 
On the stew and barbecue. Old Phil Beaubian will never win the contest for quantity, but this little low volume dive is unbeat for quality. I started with a great small serving of stew. It really was great, but I don’t know that it would top the list of the over 60 something q joints I’ve hit over the past couple of years. His barbecue, though, was top notch. Simply good, long stranded pulled pork gently topped with his Murrayville Barbecue Sauce which is sort of a North Carolina vinegar sauce. No real variety here, but it scratches the bbq itch for sure. Phil and Littlebit are two friendly folks for sure, so we struck up fairly deep conversation that turned into being downright comical. I finally told Phil what I was up to, and Oh My Gosh…that’s when the fun begin. Phil and I visited the little kitchen, food prep area, and smoking pit. Aint much to write about, but dang it puts out some good food. When we got to talking about my reviewing bbq joints, he quickly fixed me up with some beef brisket….my friend forever. Phil had slow smoked this brisket to perfection. I love ribeye steak, but this brisket would top even a M&T Meats marinated ribeye!!! 
If you haven’t figured it out yet, Phil is quite a character. The next thing we had to do was to go to the shack out back where he opened up a cabinet and unveiled his kareoke machine. First we were serenaded by Littlebit as she did a Patsy Kline tune. Then Phil had to have his turn doing an Elvis tune. 
Of all the bbq visits that I’ve ever done, this one was truly the most “interesting”. 
Despite the fact that I wouldn’t recommend taking someone who you really wanted to impress to eat at this joint, Phil’s Hickory Pig on Thompson Bridge Road north of Gainesville is a winner in our book. from Buster


Corch Urban Meyers already on the warpath

So, coach, about that “leave of absence” or whatever the stunt to direct more attention toward the Florida program is called…how much did that help in terms of reducing the stress level? Not much apparently.

A writer for the Orlando Sentinel was singled out at spring practice earlier this week in Gainesville for the manner in which a story was written, and Meyer stopped just short of challenging the writer to a fight.

If Meyer’s time off was intended to relieve stress, it isn’t working. Not when a coach goes beserk on a writer because he didn’t like the way he did his job.

Let’s hope that Meyer doesn’t read TGT.

And on a related note, here’s some NFL coaches losing their cool.

Lugnut Dawg

Thoughts on AJ the Return Man

The Dawgs are going to have manageable depth at receiver next season, but it can’t afford a major injury to a key contributor.

To say A.J. Green is a key contributor is the understatement of the day.

I commend A.J. wanting to contribute in any way possible, especially since returning punts will do nothing to help his already high draft stock.  He is not like a Percy Harvin or Reggie Bush hybrid- type player where his appeal is being able to be used in a variety of positions. He is a 6’5″ possession receiver.    

And I think the best players should be on the field (Rambo) as much as possible.  Green, however, is a major part of our offense no matter how much we run the ball. And unlike Knowshon in 2008, Green’s body is not built to take those added hits in the return game.  I don’t think A.J. Is injury prone as some have speculated, but I’m not wanting to take any added chances either.

I remember Fred Gibson got hurt returning a kickoff in 2003 and missed several games, notably the September game against LSU. Imagine our chances against the Tigers if we had Gibson (Dawgs lost a close one against the eventual National Champs and only scored 1 TD).  Green is far and away a more important player than Gibson was.

There are a lot of other athletes who could be a better option other than Green or Logan Gray.  If you want to utilize A.J.’s skill in the open field, throw him some more screen passes.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday- Who’s Ready For Teddy?

We asked earlier in the week how Lewis would respond to the new healthcare bill.  He wasn’t a fan of Ted Kennedy, and I can bet he wouldn’t be a fan of Obamacare. Enjoy.

Who’s Ready for Teddy?

There was one big headline after another recently concerning Ted Kennedy’s entry into the 1980 presidental race. Some of the news was earth shattering.

  •  First, Teddy’s mom said it was OK for him to run.
  • Second, Teddy’s wife said if he got elected she would go live with him in the White House.  I thought that was big of her. 
  • Third, Teddy allegedly thinks of President Carter as a “political cripple” and told Carter he’d be smart to go beat a rabbit in the head and leave the presidenting to him.
  • Fourth, everybody involved said that was a bunch of “horse manure.” 
  • Fifth, President Carter’s mom, Miss Lillian, got into the act, too.  She said that if Teddy runs she hopes “nothing happens to him.” 

According to news reports, Miss Lillians’s statement, made at a chicken barbeque in New Hampshire, sent a shock wave through the Democratic party. 

Jerry Brown was there.  He was shocked.  State Democratic chairman Romeo Dorval was there.  He was shocked, too.  So were Kennedy backers in the audience. 

They were so shocked, they booed Miss Lillian (who is eighty-one).  I wasn’t shocked.  I happen to think that if you are eighty-one, you can say anything you damn well please, especially if your son is the president and you’ve been on “The Johnny Carson Show” a couple of times. 

There has always been something about Teddy Kennedy that bothered me, but I could never quite put my finger on it.

Now I know what it is.  It is not Teddy who bothers me so much; it is the people who think he would be a good president. 

They really don’t know why Teddy Kennedy would make a good president, and they boo little old eighty-one-year ladies. 

“Why do you think he would make a good president?” I have asked a number of draft-Kennedyites recently. 

“Because,” begins with the usual reply, “he, uh well…”

“He, uh LOOKS like a president.”

I have heard that, uh, brilliant line of political thinking before.   That’s how Henry Fonda got the part in Fail Safe, but, unfortunately, we aren’t casting a movie here.

So what do you LOOK like when you look like a president. 

I remember a calendar we had in elementary school.  It had the pictures of all the presidents, up through Eisenhower, who had just been elected president.

Ike was bald and looked like he had just knocked his tee shot in the lake at the par-three twelfth at Augusta National. 

Herbert Hoover looked uncomfortable, Abe Lincoln had a big nose, and although you couldn’t tell it by his picture on the calendar, George Washington had bad teeth. 

Teddy Kennedy has long hair, a pleasant smile, and he wears dopey glasses to make himself look more sophisticated.  They said the same thing about Warren G. Harding.

I did find one Kennedy backer willing to list some other qualifications Teddy has to be president.  Relax, this will only take a second:

  • He has a good speaking voice.
  • His mother is a courageous person.
  • He probably learned a lot about running a country from his two brothers. 

Brilliant.  I was sitting here trying to think of a way to end this, and I just thought of it.  What do you say to people when they fumble and stumble you why they think Teddy Kennedy, just another pretty face who got a big break the day he was born, would make a good president?

You say, uh, two little words.

Horse Manure. 

 From Won’t You Come Home Billy Bob Bailey


Lady Dawgs Advance to Sweet Sixteen

Baseball team gets taken behind the barn this weekend.  Mike Adams sent North Campus tailgating to the guillotine.  41-17 to Florida and 34-27 to Kentucky still hurt.  Nancy Pelosi.

There has not been a lot to cheer about lately, but thank goodness for the good ol’ stand-by.

The Lady Dawgs advanced to the Sweet Sixteen against the Buzz Saw known as Stanford. 

There are a few constants in life.  Death, Taxes and when UGA Atheletics need a boost, the Lady Dawgs will deliver.


Go Dawgs!

Update: Ucheedawg already posted something on the Lady Dawgs.  However, since good news is few and far between these days, it probably bears repeating. 

Lady Dawgs March on to Sweet 16

I said last week that I thought the Lady Dawgs had an excellent chance of getting to the Sweet 16, and they did not disappoint! Led by freshman Jasmine James, the Lady Dawgs pulled out an OT win against Oklahoma State and will now move on to play Stanford on Saturday.

I’ll be honest, I watched most of the game, but fell asleep late in regulation when the score was tied 64-64. It was a nice wakeup to see that we’re moving on.

Women’s basketball is slightly different than men’s, to the extent that really not every team can win on a given night. You don’t see many Northern Iowa’s beating Kansas in ladies ball. However, the Lady Dawgs are good enough to pull off the win against Stanford. Nobody can beat UConn, but I don’t think anyone really expects to. I think the biggest goal for all of these teams is to see who gets the chance to play them in the Championship.

I don’t know that the Lady Dawgs will make it that far, but any year you make it to the Sweet 16 is an outstanding year, and we should be proud of our ladies. Good luck vs. Stanford on Saturday, Go Dawgs!