Coach Richt Making the Right Call

David Hale reported yesterday that Coach Richt will be sitting in on the quarterback meetings this spring and will  be more hands-on with the offense.

This is may not be THE fix the Dawgs needed, but it is a great start and completely rebukes the Richt haters in the Bulldawg Nation.

Some Richt haters, even some on this blog, have said that Richt is unwilling to change.  In the past 3 months, we have had an overhaul on the defensive coaching staff and Coach has said he will have a more hands-on role on the quarterback derby.  This is a change from his Bowden-esque approach to coaching. 

Look at the “decline” of the UGA football program. The offense has been very, very prolific over the last 3 seasons. What events caused the decline of the defense and special teams?  In addition to Willie’s poor job, it was when Richt gave up offensive play calling and started having his CEO approach.

Richt is an offensive guru.  I never thought that Richt should have completely given up play calling duties, but I agree with the Senator’s take and like the job Bobo has done. If you look at his overall body of work and not look at individual games (South Carolina 2007 and LSU last year notably), he has done a good job as OC.

I don’t think Coach Richt started  spending  time with the defense just because his lack of faith in the former staff, and likewise is staying away because  of his faith in Coach Grantham’s new staff. He recognizes the importance of the quarterback situation, and also recognizes his error of being too spread around and involved in the different aspects of the game.

When Coach Richt went to a more management-style approach, he could have perhaps micromanaged and tinkered with all aspects of the team, and this could have been the negative influence. Before anyone says I am dumb, this is of course purely speculative.

Fabris and his special team approach to “challenge to the players” remained the same.  When did it start to go to crap and become poorly executed?

Honestly, when did the defense start to go to crap? (The answer is not 2005)

What was the variable?

Perhaps Coach Richt realized he just needed to let his coaches coach.

I think this has some merit. Look at your individual job.  Say you have been working for a few years, and you have been successful at the specific aspects of your job. Your boss has been fairly hands-off during that time. Then, he decides to not only focus on his area, but at the same time meddles in your area, one that you have been just fine at doing yourself.  That extra voice, or the mere presence of your boss could have a detrimental impact on your performance.

Now, Coach Richt can have more influence in what he knows best, while still letting his successful coach run the show.  This can let Coach Grantham and co. do what they know best.


Go Dawgs!

5 Responses to “Coach Richt Making the Right Call”

  1. 1 DawgByte March 31, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    I love Dawg fans and give most Dawg bloggers the benefit of the doubt, but this site is… well… a DOG. Your analysis is not very insightful and the news propagated on this site is nil. I think it’s time for you to forcus your efforts on managing that Windy’s in Winder.

  2. 3 69Dawg March 31, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I’m not sold on the fact that coach Richt meddled in the D. If anything he let the inmates take over the asylum. He knew things were going south on the D but a good manager can’t start to throw his management team under the bus in a panic. He tried to defend some of the crazy things Fab did on special teams even when he knew they were bad. Likewise on the D, the players were not playing for the coaches. I’m sure the coaches did not forget how to coach but some how they lost the players. If you are going to start no matter how badly you play week after week you have gotten yourself a government job, enjoy. No matter how well the younger guys played and how everybody could see the difference it just didn’t matter to Willie and the boys (CRG excepted). Had he not cleaned house at the end of last year he would have basically been saying that his loyalty to his coaches was greater than his loyalty to UGA.

  3. 4 Thomas Brown April 1, 2010 at 4:52 am

    The reason why Coach Richt was not a successful CEO is that his coaching staff on both sides of the ball and on special teams, especially the offense, were not very good at all.

    This too, is the problem that Florida State has had. Bobby Bowden lost his coaches whom he let run his program. For example, if you look at the Florida State Quarterbacks from 20 December 2000 when Coach Richt took this offer from Vince Dooley, they have not had 1. What made them tick, came here.

    Now, we have failed to prepare a single quarterback for 2006, 2009 and now 2010. Not only losing 10 of the last 20 within our own division of our conference, the most compelling point about our offense these last 4 years is not only the # 96 average NCAA Rank in Penalties, not only the 21 fumbles per year average the last 4 years, and not only the 14 interceptions thrown per year the last 4 years – the most compelling point about our offense is that in this state with all these All-Star Offensive Players, we signed none of them.

    When the kids lose confidence in an offensive coaching staff, the CEO has to fire them.

    He made a serious error not doing so last year. Coach Richt, of course, desperately needs to sit in on the defensive coaches’ decision process too with those players whom the offensive coaching staff could not teach enough to make them effective on that side of the ball, so we had to move them to Defense, who obviously can teach them to play this game. The guy who should have been playing Quarterback last year and was redshirted instead added to the list of now 89 arrested / suspended in the 9-Year Coach Richt Era here. We’ve not been very good the last 4 years, not with 1-3 vs the vols and 1-3 vs Florida in our own division of our own conference. We officially are in decline.

    When we failed to get the Offensive High School All-Stars in this state and let them to go to all the other teams who have been beating us, Coach Richt’s hand was forced.

    Either do what he promised us he would do that following Thursday after taking the job at 2 am back 20 December 2000, or fire them, or both.

    What Coach Richt promised when we hired him was that he was going to coach the quarterbacks and call the plays.

    Of course, the whole entire Offensive Coaching Staff should have been fired too.

    Now, we have questions about Coach Richt’s ability to do all his CEO responsibilities along with doing all the responsibilities of an Offensive Coaching Staff, who just doesn’t get it. We will see signing day next year if Coach Richt turns this around and convinces the kids in this state that we do have an Offense, will teach them, and will improve them as players on Offense. And, the decisions of Coach Richt’s former Offensive Coordinator who was arrested for a DUI, Neil Callaway, and now Mike Bobo even on what player is the starter and which is not the starter have left it obvious to the kids who play the game that we don’t know what we are doing on offense. Redshirting Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him only 2 years, the best running back here in 30 years. Trying to redshirt Washaun Ealey until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game when he was the 11th best running back in the nation and our Leading Rusher, yet only started 2 games last year and not even the last 2. Starting Aron White who had 3 catches his freshman year and then taking until the 12th game of the 13-game season last year to figure it out that Orson Charles is Pro Bowl NFL with 23 catches his freshman year by direct contrast and that Orson Charles should be the starter. Taking credit for teaching AJ Green to play receiver when he too will be Pro Bowl NFL, yet unable to do more than throw just only 2 passes to Marlon Brown. Telling Logan Gray after 4 years now in this program that he should move to wide receiver, only to have him say no thanks and then Logan runs to the press and airs it out in public that Logan criticizes this very offensive coaching staff for not giving him a chance to be the quarterback last year. Picking Joe Tereshinski III over Matthew Stafford as the Starter for 2006, and in fact having Joe Cox ahead of Matthew Stafford too. Making Richard Samuel the starting tailback after he lost us the Georgia tek game with his fumble on our goal line, losing the game for us, and now telling him he is not even good enough to ever play offense again, so that now in his Junior Year, we have to Redshirt Him Too, so that we can teach him to play defense. When we couldn’t get a running game going last year with Richard Samuel and excuses full Caleb King, the kids in this state expected us to run the ball with Shaun Chapas and Fred Munzenmaier instead Chapas got all of 10 carries on the entire season and Munzenmaier got all of 7 carries the entire season. Brandon Boykin is the hardest to tackle player on the team, did the Offensive Coaching Staff consider giving him the ball some ? They never even thought about it.

    8th in The SEC in Passing in 2007 with Mike Bobo having Matthew Stafford for God’s Sake. That’s 84th in the nation NCAA Ranking Passing 2007 with Matthew Stafford, the # 1 overall draft pick by the NFL. Maybe you remember this year, we lost to South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game with 6 losses and to the vols who lost 4 games. We were out of any contention for any type of championship even of our division before the season even really got going. # 74 Total Offense in the NCAA 2007.

    56th in the nation Rushing in 2008 with Knowshon Moreno. That is what Mike Bobo did. We were ranked consensus # 1 in the nation and got blown out 31 to nothing by Alabama at half time, 42 consecutive points by Florida and 29 consecutive points by Georgia tek who obviously never is a ranked team 2008 without the loss by us to Georgia tek. This was our worst year ever in football. Knowshon Moreno averaged 14 carries per game in those 3 DEVASTATING LOSSES.

    2006 we went 9-4.

    2009 we go 8-5.

    We have lost 14 games the last 4 years, 10 within our own division.

    Obviously, according to the recruits we are not making good decisions on Offense.


    2 passes.

    We threw 2 passes all season long last year to Branden Smith ?

    Hell, he is being listed on national sites as one of 10 Player of The Year Players in The SEC this coming season.

    2 passes ?

    I am fed up with this offense, and Coach Richt is too, along with every offensive all-star in this state of Georgia, none of whom did we sign this year because of all this B.S. Oh, are we talking about it ? Excuse me. Why don’t we stick our heads in the sand, and act like Bluto says, and ignore it ? It will go away, right ? Not important.

    There is no question we did get recruits this year on Defense, that we will start the best player on defense, and that we will have a top-notch defense that the kids find fun. But, Coach Richt did not want to replace them, either.

  1. 1 One More On Richt « The Grit Tree Trackback on March 31, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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