Thoughts on AJ the Return Man

The Dawgs are going to have manageable depth at receiver next season, but it can’t afford a major injury to a key contributor.

To say A.J. Green is a key contributor is the understatement of the day.

I commend A.J. wanting to contribute in any way possible, especially since returning punts will do nothing to help his already high draft stock.  He is not like a Percy Harvin or Reggie Bush hybrid- type player where his appeal is being able to be used in a variety of positions. He is a 6’5″ possession receiver.    

And I think the best players should be on the field (Rambo) as much as possible.  Green, however, is a major part of our offense no matter how much we run the ball. And unlike Knowshon in 2008, Green’s body is not built to take those added hits in the return game.  I don’t think A.J. Is injury prone as some have speculated, but I’m not wanting to take any added chances either.

I remember Fred Gibson got hurt returning a kickoff in 2003 and missed several games, notably the September game against LSU. Imagine our chances against the Tigers if we had Gibson (Dawgs lost a close one against the eventual National Champs and only scored 1 TD).  Green is far and away a more important player than Gibson was.

There are a lot of other athletes who could be a better option other than Green or Logan Gray.  If you want to utilize A.J.’s skill in the open field, throw him some more screen passes.



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