Corch Urban Meyers already on the warpath

So, coach, about that “leave of absence” or whatever the stunt to direct more attention toward the Florida program is called…how much did that help in terms of reducing the stress level? Not much apparently.

A writer for the Orlando Sentinel was singled out at spring practice earlier this week in Gainesville for the manner in which a story was written, and Meyer stopped just short of challenging the writer to a fight.

If Meyer’s time off was intended to relieve stress, it isn’t working. Not when a coach goes beserk on a writer because he didn’t like the way he did his job.

Let’s hope that Meyer doesn’t read TGT.

And on a related note, here’s some NFL coaches losing their cool.

Lugnut Dawg

1 Response to “Corch Urban Meyers already on the warpath”

  1. 1 69Dawg March 24, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Wow, the man is in serious need of a long rest. He has done this before to the former Gator QB. If you dare to question anything about the Gator program he will come after you. He is a bully plan and simple and the Florida newspapers apparently are going to let him have his way. Strange how if the press loves you they will take whatever stuff you dish out, if they hate you they will destroy you.

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