I enjoy all the conference expansion/realignment talk that’s going on right now. In the end, I personally think that 2011 will look much like 2009 Conference-wise. But the talk is fun.

I’d love to see Clemson join the SEC East, UT join the West, and Arkansas go to the Big 12. It’d be great to see Nebraska join the Big 10, making that a 12 team Conference. I’m not huge on Texas going to the Pac 10. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Colorado go there and have TCU join the Big 12.

Of course, it’s all really just off-season gibberish. Too much at play.

I say that to say this: Andy Staples has a really good idea. Would it ever work? No. But it does make sense, and it would be incredibly competitive and exciting, from College Football to Women’s Softball. He gives UGA a shout out too, which is always nice.

Imagine, 4 “mega-conferences” with the 64 most well-endowed schools playing against each other every year. You’d never have to worry about the mid-majors getting BCS invites, and it would mostly satisfy those who beg for a playoff system. The Pac 16 could play the Big 16 in the Rose Bowl every year, with nobody getting their feelings hurt. SEC Championship games would get ratings in the 30’s. Less would be left to doubt about the National Champion. If you didn’t look, check out the link to see his breakdown of conferences and what he has to say.

Obviously, this is wishful thinking. The SEC is locked tight for 15 years. The Big 10 is in pretty good shape. And then there’s Notre Dame. But it’s a good argument. What say you?


1 Response to “CASH King”

  1. 1 ecdawg February 24, 2010 at 10:21 am

    I enjoyed the Staples article as well. 2011 conferences will look like 2009 but there is real possibility of realignment on the horizon.
    If there was wholesale realignment, especially if a conference (read Big 12)disappeared,then the SEC TV deal could be redone.

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