Wooooo! Mark Fox Channeled his inner Ric Flair (but does not get beat by wife)

I made the long trek to Athens Saturday to attend the basketball game  for my first trip to “The Pregnant Oyster” this season.  I picked a good one to go to.

I thought the Fox Hounds were going to let their inability to shoot from the Charity Stripe and their obsession with fouling Alabama and sending them to the free throw line would cost them.

However, as we all know, the Dawgs rallied.

I noticed something funny whilst watching the game live, in person.  I noticed with each timeout, CMF would stand far back away from the team in the paint and just stare them down.  With only a few seconds left in the timeout, Coach would rejoin his team to bark orders.  My friend who I was sitting with  is a home game regular and said he has never noticed this before.

I loved seeing Mark Fox get riled up.  He has the anger of a good basketball coach, but the coolness of another coach named Mark at UGA.

I was hoping that Mark Fox would get “T’d up”.  Even the old folks were standing up and cheering; if Coach Fox had gotten a technical for arguing a bad call I think the roof would have blown off.  He was really giving it to one official.

At one moment in the second half, after an obvious bad call, Coach Fox ripped his coat off and flung it in the chair and began to scream and yell.   I was expecting him to strip down and elbow drop his coat like the Nature Boy.

A  Southern Icon

Speaking of The Nature Boy, he apparently can’t win a real fight.   Good thing his wife didn’t go after the 7 iron.


2 Responses to “Wooooo! Mark Fox Channeled his inner Ric Flair (but does not get beat by wife)”

  1. 1 BuyPropertyUcheeDawg! February 23, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Very good post. That is all.

  1. 1 Happy Birthday To Ric Flair « The Grit Tree Trackback on February 25, 2011 at 11:20 am

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